Bradford Redpath made his presence felt on Saturday by collecting 4 points in an impressive victory of the Nuclear Ramjets against the Tomahawks (archives photo)

Bradford Redpath made his presence felt on Saturday by collecting 4 points in an impressive victory of the Nuclear Ramjets against the Tomahawks (archives photo)

 Please sign-up in the "become a member" section for the summer or winter season

Please sign-up in the "become a member" section for the summer or winter season

Welcome to our site, the gateway to the new face of adult hockey in Quebec. We are working hard to become the reference for adult hockey by offering our members and visitors an unequaled experience in amateur sport where creativity and social involvement have their place. Take some time to discover our treasures on this site.

First, allow me to explain that the name “Ligue Fédérale des As” is the combination of the names of two leagues featured in the cult hockey classic movie, Slapshot, (you must see the «Québecois» translation of it to fully appreciate the cult classic status of this film) so take it in the playful, tongue-in-cheek spirit we intended !

WHO, WHAT AND WHEN? We are an adult hockey league created from an Association founded in 1999 called the Hockey Brotherhood. The Brotherhood brought together men from all backgrounds, including several childhood, longtime friends who wanted to play competitive hockey that was also clean and friendly. It includes players from Montreal and the greater metropolitan region. The pool of players is quite varied but all share a desire for camaraderie, a sense of belonging and the community spirit we find in hockey. We put our emphasis on the quality of people we find and not just their hockey playing abilities. That said, our level of play is a happy mix of players from C to B+. See the LFA Revolution video to get an idea.

Our regular season games are played every Saturday and Sundays from September to the begining of May, generally between 2:00 and 8h00 PM. Our summer season are on Sunday's and Thursday’s between 5h30 and 10h00 PM always at Collège Notre-Dame arena in Montreal. Visite our LFA package to find out more  and sign-up if you want in! LFA Packages

Every week our members and visitors can read the LFA News of the Week, along with blog entries by our collaborators in English and French, bridging the gap between the two solitudes. The bulletin board is used on the eve of every game to advise our members of activities linked to the games, such as our famous "Après Match" where all members are invited to break bread and break barriers between teams.

We are no pale imitation of professional or elite amateur leagues. We are a unique, independent entity that takes inspiration from established hockey conventions to maximize the sporting experience of our members. Combining hard work and creativity, we leave nothing to chance to make sure the league is well balanced while leaving its mark in the community. League administration can be reached seven days a week and several committees are responsible for ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our players. Our mission is to offer the ultimate adult hockey experience for all our members, and our founding ideal is to have fun together. The LFA is competitive but friendly above all, so a good attitude on and off the ice is a top priority and benefits everyone.

With the support of local and national partners, our members enjoy several benefits like unlimited free skate sharpening and rebates from 10 to 25 % with our many sponsors along with special bonus prizes after games and special events. Our league offers sharp merchandise at our online boutique or at the arena. Other services like car pooling, networking directory, a recycling program and an equipment bank are also in place. We also frequently have photographers on hand to capture the action and as you might expect team statistics as well as for each player.

But the LFA hockey experience doesn’t end there. The players select a player of the month from among their ranks who receives a generous prize. In our continuing effort to be eco-responsible, we build the individual awards handed out at the end of the season out of recycled material. We also designed and built the Tremblay trophy awarded to the regular season champs and our LFA Cup for the playoff champions that gives even the Stanley Cup an inferiority complex by being a couple of inches taller. Ous summer league as similar trophy's all built in house.

Hockey is a way of life for many of us. We believe this web platform should also encompass different aspects of life, so the article's topics are  wide-ranging. Social engagement is one of our ideals. The LFA raises funds for different community organizations. Our plan is to put in place a structure that will allow us to have greater direct impact on our community using the incredible social vector that is hockey in the coming years.

This is only a brief overview of what awaits you as a member, fan or partner of the LFA. We invite you to explore this site to learn and see more about us.