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Learning of the death of Nelson Mandela I felt like talking about the man and the way in which he gathered his people through the incredible vector of sports during the Rugby World Cup in 1995 : Bringing people with diverse opinions to fight for the same cause .... it sounds like us . I do not want to draw a parallel between the history of South Africa , the struggle of its people for equality and the right to exist altogether with our league, but his message of brotherhood through the fragile balance of life inspires me and so it should. Behind us is the time when we were ready to do anything to win, we are mostly between friends and friends to be and we can and must play with this spirit in mind while giving our maximum . His passage on the other side of the light and the frenzy that this triggered in the media waiting for his death like vultures salivating before a decaying carcass left me a bitter taste in my mouth, but like the man, his message made me forget all the "cling cling" surrounding his death and I wanted to thank him as his values live on in the LFA and hopefully in its members.

Wondering possibly where I 'm going with this and what is the relationship with the " LFA remix 101" . You see, even though many do not like change, it is necessary to evolve, which is why we're not only welcoming new players among us but some of the already established players will be changing jerseys this coming week-end . Fraternity and the balance between clubs being the primary objectives , we had to act because of some tensions existing between teams as well as in some locker rooms. I cannot affirm that we managed to achieve a perfect balance between the teams but we are getting closer to our goal as most of us are keeping an open mind to change some teams if necessary before the end of January.

I invite you to consult the list of teams to see the changes and I also want to welcome in the LFA Eric Cormier, Etienne Arsenault, Patrice Vichier who will be coming back from Europe in late January and Jeremy Lancelin , which, after me, is certainly the one who has contributed the most to the development of the LFA with his work on our website and course materials presentations during my first fundraising efforts . The latter is a less experienced skater , but in the spirit of the Brotherhood. we will show him the ropes .

After a bit of " zing zing " I am proud to finally announce the launch of the LFA online store on our site. It is a matter of hours before everything is set up to offer a first series of items that I hope will please you and help the LFA step out of the shadows to play with the big fishes . Proudly wear the colours of the new face of adult hockey in Quebec!

To close my weekly text, I want to thank the sponsor of Tomahawks , Red Horizon Roofing & Brick for their generosity and commitment to our league. Not only do they sponsor one of our teams but each time a member of the LFA does business with them, they give back to their teams and the league "X" amount of "moula" for our various post game activities. That is why thanks to Jean- Michel who had his roof redone , the Express was able to enjoy a generous donation from the owner François " The King" Poirier and you will also have the right to a little something on the night of the Christmas Gala. Did I say Gala ?!