Last weekend was our second " wild card Saturday" of the season. A label to describe those selected week-ends when every team tries out new players (except this time as the Avengers had two known alternates). That said, five new faces joined us on Saturday and unfortunately for them, the Czechers paid the price , as their two new guys were not LFA caliber. One of them even dropped out and left the game as he could not follow the flow. But in a gesture of solidarity with another LFA team, the Tomahawks goalie Patrick Bouchard borrowed the equipment of the President of the league and jumped on the ice to help out the Czechers. Without being able to make a difference, his gesture was greatly appreciated by the management and the members of his "new" team for the night.

Without a farm club, the LFA has no alternative then to have unknown players play during our regular season games to see them in action if we hope to grow and move to six teams next year. This is the price that must be paid by the builders of the new adult hockey league in Quebec to ensure a better future for our league..

This weekend has not only seen the arrival of new faces in the LFA landscape, it also allowed us to reunite with an old friend with the arrival of the  " Messiah " in the person of Patrice Vichier, who after spending the last 18 month in Europe is returning to settle down in Quebec . His team, the Cabane  Express was waiting impatiently for his arrival after the realignment of the teams earlier this December that left a gaping hole in their team while waiting for his arrival. Despite a bit of rust on his blades he did not disappoint with a goal, an assist and a few spins on the ice in a long-awaited victory by the Express after difficult times to say the least. To be noted in this game was the performance of their goalkeeper Nicholas Chagnon and the keeper of Czechers Matt Racicot who both held the fort brilliantly in a game that ended with a score of 3 to 1 for Nick's team .

After this game, the 50/50 draw for January was held with the assistance of Mr. Pierre- Luc Goudreault, a professional engineer as he likes to call himself ;) who came down expressly for the draw of the half and half ( yaa right! ) . Patrice Vichier was chosen to pick the winning numbers from the  recycled peannut butter pot and the winner or rather the winners of the  360$ pot,  the Express who had bought several tickets "as a family" . The amounts collected are used to help pay for the trophies and various activities of the league (the x-mas party to name one) as it is growing. Thank you to all those who get involved for the good of the community.


Leaving the arena of Collège Notre - Dame, we headed to our new sponsor WINDSOR HYPER BAR & GRILL located at 3565 St- Laurent to fill our bellies before continuing the evening at one of our favorite  drinking spots and another sponsor of the league, the Bifteck not far away. We are happy to have another sponsor with us because it is through their support that the LFA can hope to grow for the benefit of all. We encourage all members of the league and our fans to visit them throughout the season 7/7 without forgetting all our other sponsors. Make sure to mention that you are art of the growing LFA family. You will probably receive a little something courtesy of the house.

For those who have not kept up with the latest LFA news, we recently optimized the site by bringing significant improvements such as individual photo of each regular player in the league (in the players section) as well as adding the photos to the statistical sections making it much more dynamic than before.

Speaking of pictures if you are not already aware of this, I invite you to visit our LFA Photo section where you will find the best shots of January as well as those of the past few months. This month you can see the work of a newcomer to our weekly news team, Tracy Chou the girlfriend of Patrick Baldwin of the Bifteck Avengers who submitted some " Action shots" of this past month 

To end the "news cast" of the week , do not forget to vote for the player of the month of January , you have until Friday Jan 31st at midnight to make your choice on our website. If it's good for the league , it's good for you!