I begin my article this week in bed rather than in front of my screen. Somehow a hangover always catches us off guard, even after a Saturday night.A few trips in the vegetative state of the wee hours to return to the river its primary material are filled with  random and cloudy thoughts and dreams. The night started out innocently enough, with only a few of us getting together for our habitual post-game night out. It's amazing how time makes its mark as it passes and then, suddenly, a void where it would seem black holes exist on earth. You know that moment when you look at your alarm clock, take note of the time, and it suddenly takes off in a time-lapse and one small movement later an hour has passed? That's how I started my day, fighting with the sheets to wrestle my body, wrecked by hockey and life, from the hands of Morpheus.If you have children, these lines may seem like a distant memory, but remember, some of us can still get out, and I'm not alone, but just a messenger !Saturday was a routine night in our league, with no more or fewer of the usual pleasantries, clashes and a few cold-ones to launch us into the night.The first game between the Express and the Avengers was definitely the better of the two. It was hotly contested and ended in a4-3 victory for the Men in Blue. Unfortunately, it was punctuated by the loss of Les Perreaux from the Bifteck Avengers. Les will be out for six weeks with a sprained ankle. (He now recalls that a couple shifts before his ankle ligament popped, he thought his skates were a bit loose. He didn't get around to tightening them. Lesson learned.)

There was also an incident between Sly, a well-known sub in our
league, and the goalie for the Cabane Express. Unbelievably, because the LFA is on the cutting edge of the development of adult hockey in Quebec, we have the play on film so the disciplinary committee can study the incident. Actually, we were very lucky Lisette, the wife of Martin from the Express, filmed it all. Let's try not to forget we're here for fun. Please look out for others.

With the victory, the Avengers received some Tremblay beer T-shirts, thanks to our league sponsors and partners.In the second game, the Tomahawks won convincingly 4-1 against the Czechers, who were simply not in it from the start to finish in the latest episode of our "Satnight Hockey Classics." Take note of the three goals and one assist by Dave Douville in the Redmen victory. What a player!

I also took note that the Czechers have yet to win a 6 p.m. game this year. Perhaps a strange coincidence, or perhaps it's just too close to their bedtime. Wait a minute I did not write that........