A lot of things are going on in our league. I could talk about the opening, shortly, of our online boutique on the web site, the new design of the Tremblay regular season championship cup, the postponement of the launch of the Brotherhood's website who's spirit lives on in the LFA, the preparations for the upcoming trades and draft that will be held shortly, with all the rumours and comments flying in from all corners of the league, the new player of the month for November or simply last Saturday night's games. Without forgetting the latest unfortunate events and the meeting of the discipline committee for the second time in a row. The list doesn't stop here as we have no shortage of subjects in our league.

But this week I won't say more and will let you read between the lines and come up with your own reflexions and conclusions of the state of things of our Satnite Hockey Brotherhood and its new league. Your questions, comments and ideas are always welcomed in the contact section of the site so that together we can build the grandest of the small hockey leagues in Quebec.

THIS JUST IN: The decision from the discipline committee just came in, Martin Desjardins from the Bifteck Avengers becomes the first ever player to get suspended for last weekend's incidents. This after having been nominated the first ever player of the month in our league. The proof that there are no untouchables in the LFA, a league that is FRIENDLY before anything. Keep it simple, keep it real, let's have fun les boys.