Almost 3 months after the launch of the LFA web site, the english section is finaly open just in time to see the first shift in the standings as after weeks of being on top, the fading Czechers have finally been dethroned. Relying on a lineup sprinkled with replacement players and the strong start of goaltender Patrick Bouchard, the Tomahawks defeated the Avengers 3-2 Saturday night, and have jumped to lead the standings. ((To find out more about the LFA's humble beginning, visit the french side of this site))

Despite the absence of several key players, including captain Eric Drapeau, who was injured the previous week, this team with several hired guns came back strong after being dominated for the first period. A new leader in the standings bodes well for the competitive health of the LFA: only two points separate first and fourth place.

Since the start of the season, the contribution of substitute players has made the difference, both positively and negatively, for certain teams.  We have a system to maintain team balance. Most substitute players have been evaluated and replace players of a similar calibre. But we're always looking for new talent to replenish our reserve of replacements and maintain the most even teams possible. For example, few other leagues can boast they have 82 goaltenders on file, after having eliminated a dozen or so over the summer because they were not reliable or simple not good enough.

In the late game, l'Express beat the Czechers 5-2. The Czechers had a strong start to the season but are in the midst of a slump with a third consecutive defeat. L'Express substitute goaltender was a nearly unbeatable fortress in the face of a barrage by the Czechers, who suffered several defensive lapses that gave the Men in Black a number of golden opportunities.

As is our custom, winners and losers from both matches met to break bread and share a few pitchers. The social aspect of our league is as important as the meetings on the ice in creating the fraternal atmosphere we all cherish.

Don't forget to vote for the very first Player of the Month in the history of our young league before midnight on October 31.

JFD (as translated by Les Perreaux)