2014, AND AWAY WE GO !!!


The second half of the inaugural 2013-14 season of the Ligue Fédérale des As began Saturday with two uplifting games. The first set the Cabane Express against the Billy Kun Czechers, who overcame a deficit of two goals to defeat L'Express at the last minute. The Express had a solid lineup for the game and once again saw a lead evaporate. When will the Men in Black finally have a convincing win?

In the second encounter of the evening, the Rouge Horizon Tomahawks met the ever-dangerous Bifteck Avengers in an entertaining game, if we rely on the reaction of the "crowd" present to cheer the boys on. One of the more remarkable facts about the evening was that other team members stayed at the rink to encourage the players on the ice, creating a festive atmosphere. Getting back to the game, the Toms built a comfortable lead only to see the Avengers come back, with the crowd providing fuel in the stands. Hopes of a comeback worthy of the famous Habs comeback against the Rangers a few years ago fell flat when the red men added in insurance goal to make the score 6-4, which was the final score. As costumary about a dozen players joined in the usual post-game festivities with a notable guest of honour.



Saturday's games not only signaled the beginning of 2014 for the LFA, but we also witnessed a first in the young history of the league with a special guest -- Larry's brother. Paul, the eldest brother of the Express captain, jumped on the ice with his little brother for the first time in their lives. While the two have played hockey in the park more than once, with a gap of nine years between them, the two never had the chance to wear the same uniform in a real game. The big brother moved to the Gatineau region around 2000, so it was real fun to see Paul, who is a great guy, after all these years.

Hockey is a great reason to see friends and brothers we don't get to see every day in our regular lives. If ever you want a chance to renew a friendship, inviting that person to sign up as a replacement is a great way to spend a great time with a loved one, like Larry and Paul did.

The start of January brought us winter with a capital W, but also the winner of the 50-50 for the month of December, a tradition which started last year but started again last month.  It's my pleasure to announce that the winner of our first 50-50 draw is Phil Cyr of the Tomahawks, who won half of the total contribution of $440. The league got the other half, which allowed it to pick up the beer tab at the Christmas Party which took place after our December 21 games. About 40 people joined the party to celebrate the first half of our season and celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus, if that's not to conspicuous a religious symbol. We shall see if Phil will come out one of these days and buy a round, because after all, camaraderie is as important as what goes on on the ice. We all win by getting to know one another in order to have an even healthier competition and fun atmosphere for our Saturday Night Classics.

As for the player of the month, the winner by the votes of his fellow competitors is none other than Julien Staeger, who now plays for the Tomahawks after our wave of trades last month. The LFA and its manager are proud to offer a gift certificate to the Windsor Pub, which welcomed us for our Christmas party, and welcomes all comers. During the holidays, the LFA was still toiling away. You can see the best photos from December from our loyal collaborators, along with the player photos we've been working hard on. You will also see them in the statistics section shortly.

So before the Google Corrector tells me to cut it short, I wish you great fun in the second half of the season in your league, the best small adult league in Quebec! Or at least, that's what we're aiming for!

JFD (as translated by Les Perreaux)