The Avengers and Czechers mixing it up during october 8th LFAHockey event held at the Wiindsor hyper bar&grill on the Main

Wednesday was the launch of the regular season activities of the LFA as well as the NHL with the Habs playing the Maple Leafs shown by our friends at the Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill located on the Main. For this event, 40 or so members and friends of the league came together to celebrate the beginning of what promises to be one hell of a season, if what I have seen from the Canadians so far continues, which will surely have a mirror effect on the LFA players because when things are going well up in the big team, it is the city and its people who feel the benefits.

You can view photos of this LFAHOCKEY event in partnership with the Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill and, if it's not already done, "like" our Facebook page and promote our league in your network of friends.




During the evening more than $1,500 in prizes were offered, including a $200 gift certificate, courtesy of the house, offered to every team that came with 6 or more of their players. Four of our six teams got themselves together, notably the Avengers, Czechers, Loggers and an honorable mention to the friendly Vipers who have shown up to all our activities since the beginning of the season. A big thanks to Diesel and the Windsor gang, Mike Wees for the pictures, and the lovely Karine for drawing our lucky winners, and to all the boys who know what is to be part of a league. We’re gonna do this again soon !

A flash from the past takin from the memory lane section of the site going back to the early 90's with a couple LFA members at a Quebec city tournament. Classic....

The start of the season has been very busy with activities on and off the ice, I suggest you visit the MISCELLANEOUS section of our site under the LFAPHOTOS tab to discover the best photos taken during our 17 exhibition games. Each month throughout the season you can see the best pictures of yourself, your teammates and opponents taken during matches and different league activities during the previous months. Take the opportunity to become familiar with the whole site and if your heart tells you to share with us your hockey memories, we can join them to our MEMORY LANE section also located in MISCELLANEOUS.





Check out the WINDSOR SCOREBOARD to see the scores of the games from the weekend which I saw for the most part out of the corner of my eye because my Saturdays are always quiete busy especially before and during the first two games of the day. I had the chance to watch, along with members of the league who took part in the first two games and stayed to encourage players in our last piece of sporting theater of the evening. We witnest a strong comeback by the Avengers who were losing 6-2 midway through the second period against the Loggers. Like trout swiming upstream the "mighty AVENGERS" mounted an increadible comeback… I'll let you check the scoreboard for the final score, but let me tell you that it was more entertaining than the "re-run" of 24 that some dudes ended up watching witn (.........) Live event or a show in a can, the question remains.

To complete this exercise in style, I invite you to visit under the same section, the tab labeled SPECIAL COLLABORATION to discover our very first article in this space that is very interesting for those who think to sharpen his skates is the same anywhere you get it done. Think again! This article laid out in the ROCKLAND HOCKEY EXPERT workshop will open your eyes.

Clean, fresh and ready for another battle !

Wrapping up my weekly article, I must share with you the wonderful initiative of the assistant captain of the Avengers, Michael Wees who celebrated his 48th birthday on Saturday but still had the presence of mind to pick the SUBS jerseys and bring them home and wash them. I invite all the teams to do the same throughout the season so that our guests will be well received when they come play with us, and always remember NEVER PUT THEM IN THE DRYER. (the jersey's.......)

Seeing we won't be playing next Sat, I'll take a leave of absence from thease pages to work on other league matters until the 26th to let you know whats going on in the wonderful LFA world.