It's the day after the first Saturday of REAL league activities. Finally, the regular season has started with a first look at the revamped teams. Despite some missing regulars yesterday, particularly from the Loggers, we could see the LFA " remixed " teams at work. After an attempt to balance the teams without having to move too many pieces, and all while accommodating various buddies who want to play together during this expansion year, I see that we have not quite hit our target; Close but no cigar !




During our post-game traditional get together with more then a dozen players participating with a particularly strong representation by the Vipers who seem to have a well-established team bond after only a few weeks of activities. The subject of the different teams strong and weak points was the topic of the day. On the one hand, some find some teams too strong and others think we may have to wait and see how the new-look squads will react in the long run. Personally, even if no major reshuffling is considered, I saw certain imbalances in teams yesterday despite 5-4 and 1-0 scores, which showed some balance in the league (see the Windsor Scoreboard for more details). That beeing said, one game stood out, but we must not exaggerate the possible reasons for the failure and crushing defeat of the Tomahawks against the Avengers , but the score is sobering .

 After the great food, the flowing beer was sinking in, and the smiles and laughter lit up the place; la Cabane in this case, was where some of the Loggers celebrated with the Vipers and members of others teams, their 1-0 victory over thease same Vipers; a sign of an healthy league where camaraderie as well as healthy competition on the ice overflows to the post game rituals where the color barrier of the teams fall. A time and space shared with team mates or opponents that all share the same passion for the game. 


The evening continued at Bily Kun with half of the group still in attendance and where the conversation were sometimes tought to follow as stories were bouncing one against another making for an entertaining night. Another one of those Saturday's that make me think we are in for a hell of a good time this season, on and off the ice. It's yours to enjoy !

 With that, a note to all interested parties, regular players, substitutes or supporters of a unic  league in Quebec: We are celebrating the arrival of the LFA regular season as well as the NHL, by joining at the Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill located on the Main this Wednesday, Oct. 8 where they will be showing the first Habs game of the season against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The evening, which promises to be electrifying, starts at 6:00 p.m. with several door prizes to be won.