While sipping a last one...

Original way to get rid of the smell of Hockey equipment after the game !

Original way to get rid of the smell of Hockey equipment after the game !

Another Saturday has already come and gone !

I don’t know if it's the same for you, but once the season has started, my hockey games become temporal references around which the rest of the time is divided, a kind of metronome or something ... I have to say I have neither children nor fixed work schedule, who are the real metronomes of many of you, but since I know you enjoy being on the ice as much as me, your games are probably an even more special time of the week. Enjoy it !

I have not seen the whole 3 games, but apart from a few "run-ins" with the referee following a few calls that irritated some of the guys (without going into details) all games were hotly contested, with 2 draws and a win for the Loggers against the Shamrocks. Shit !! I did not want to “go there", but I must mention an incident that had no serious consequences, but that can not be ignored. (I'll also have to talk at greater length with one of the «protagonists» who is my teammate!)

While I was on the ice, I had my back turned to the incident so all I saw was the referee who had to intervene as my player had a «moment» with the goalie ... After investigation, it seems that the goalie was trying to push the other one who was too close for his liking and he "slipped" «hitting» him in  the face more or less I guess, which has the tendency to irritate some guys to the point of "no return" ... Ahh…gotta love hockey !!!

Back to the ref or refereeing in general, I’ve come to the following reflection;

it is obvious that the referee is "part" of the game, whether by his physical presence that can unfortunately sometimes make plays abort or create turnovers when the puck strikes him etc. or by by certain calls that sometimes are not unanimously approved to say the least.

In any case, we have to live with whatever happens because these are «imponderables» if you will, just as are the quality of the surface or again chunks of ice on the edge of the boards). ... (With all due respect to the refs!!!) All that to say that it is useless to jump on your high horses and make a fit, it «passes 20 feet over his head» and that is exactly what is expected of him... 

Imagine the little respect you would have for a ref that would change his decisions at the slightest disgruntlement, he wouldn’t last long I think ! In addition, the guy is alone and has to see everything and it's not easy, as you know.

So keep your breath and energy for the game,!

Have a good week!