Still in my bed, several titles for my weekly article come to mind, and as I open the curtains, the first snow of the season wiped my canvas clean, that leads me into the unknown week after week. For you see, even if some headlines need to be addressed through my writing, it is often time that tells and influences the tone of the article. It is certain that what happened last night is a key fact but it is often what is said in my interactions with the various characters that make up our group, the players, their girlfriends, their parents, and their friends, that decide the final outcome. Often it is the final banter on the ice, in the room, and during that post game that dictates the importance of the events, for the next day when in front of my laptop screen I find myself at the threshold of the unknown.

That is why after this preamble, even if our minds are opened to a horizon of uncertainty, that I’m going to do the opposite and give you my account of the event, pretty much as they unfolded..

It is often said that the score does not indicate the story of the game and this is true when talking about the first game. Despite a score of 7 to 5 and a hard-fought match, it seemed to the few windows through which I watched the game that the Loggers eventually lost it despite having had the upper-hand on the Vipers in terms of possession and scoring chances. It turns out that the Vipers were opportunistic early in the game and that set the tone for the rest of the "friendly"  competition, which by the way was very entertaining to watch. This included a good performance by the Vipers keeper, Carl Gazarian-Pagé, despite having given up five goals, who shut the door on a black-dressed, ruthless and hungry attack.

The same could almost be said for the second game, which often  seemed to be a dominated  by the Tomahawks who lost the game to the Shamrocks 5-0, who in their case suffered a stinging defeat against the Loggers last week where they had countless chances but were unable to capitalize on them. If it weren’t for the brilliant performance by Patrick Bouchard, the Shamrocks’ net-minder, and our LFA player of the month powered by Sher-Wood whose team,were part of a less than average performance during last weekend’s game, the score could have been a  different story. By the way, for those among you who think Pat bought new equipment since he was traded to the Shamrocks so that he can match with the colors of his new uniform, know that it is acutally so the green material to cover-up the yellow on his equipment. At the risk of repeating myself, talk about a guy who takes his hockey seriously!

There was some allure to the last game, but the various misconducts and poor sporting spirits noticeably destroyed what was a solid sports performance. This kind of behavior is unacceptable in our league and I hope the guys involved will think twice in the future before "blowing up" and acting like petty men guided by the spirit of revenge and should leave their egos at the door when entering the arena so that everyone, including the guy who prepares the games week after week, can enjoy our sporting events on Saturday. Their behavior will be sent to the prefect of discipline, Mr. Larry Quesnel who will decide, along with his newly formed discipline committee, the appropriate sanctions to give out, if any. Leave the fighting to the pros.....

To end this chapter of our hockey life, I refer you to an article from Novembre 11 in the "While sipping a last one..." section from our friend Quesnel himself. If you have an open spirit maybe his text will help you evolve not only as a player but as a man as well.

Do not forget our sayings PLAY TO PLAY !!!