As the month of the dead comes to an end and I think of those who are no longer with us, I tought it would be nice to highlight the good people who contribute to the success of the LFA. Much like the recipient of a big award during a gala evening, I do not want to forget anyone as I start this tribute in thanking those who have helped in carving the new face of adult hockey in Quebec. I think you would agree that the work is far from over, but its ambitions and its innovative approach paint a new portrait of a sport that arouses so much passion among its participants, fans and whose roots go deep in our culture and in some way has replaced religion in our society. First of all, I realize that simply naming their names will not be enough to emphasize their importance within the organization.

Even if you refer to the thank you section of this website, you can not imagine the number of people who do not appear but have contributed or contribute in their own way at different levels to the developpement, maintenance and expansion of our league. I realize that I will need to add more names to that list. Not having enough space required to name all these people, I nevertheless  want to make the attempt through this platform  to echnoledge them, because without them, even with the best will in the world and all my efforts, I could not get it done alone.

We often wait for someone's birthday, the end of the year, or a special occasion to thank people because society’s DNA dictates it that way. As president of the Hockey Brotherhood Association and its various entities like the LFA, I want to break the mold and share with you my gratitude to everyone that makes this project possible today. To all the sponsors, the folks at the arena, the members of the league, and multiple stakeholders and volunteers who make this all possible, one of whom is my mother who, every Sunday helps me on the phone to correct my spelling mistakes , I say Thank you! Not only because it's the right thing to do but because I feel it in my gut and I appreciate the positive and important year long contributions they make to ensure the success of the LFA. Behind the emblem of our league stand men and women who do their best to improve the image of adult hockey in Quebec and develop its full potential.