Like many Sundays before, I start this article in my bed in between worlds, it is unfortunate not to be able to record the thoughts and phrases, because once awake in front of my computer, the reality of life interferes with the purity of thoughts under the sheets. Far from considering myself a journalist or a writer, the project that is the LFA has turned me into a blogger (if I believe the definition), and when I started this project, I was far from knowing the role it would play in my job. Of course I could just give you the scores and what stood out during the games, but we have designated areas for that kind of stuff, so I focus more on what is said, done or felt, even if my primary purpose is to let you know what is happening on different fronts in the league, because what happens on the ice is only a small part of the big picture.

In my case it is the title that often directs my words and often brings me elswhere than what I had originally anticipated. We are bombarded with information across different platforms that we use, and more than ever we have difficulty understanding the true meaning of the words,especially when they are lost in translation. So I would not be surprised that after a paragraph or two for those who consult this section of the site, you would keep on surfing or skip to look at your "stats" if you have not already done so. The high number of times that I am asked question regarding subjects for which all the answers already reside on our various platforms and communication channels is amazing and very disconcerting.

For most players among you, what matters is the "game", if you have a good "team" and your stats, as for the rest, for the most part you don’t give a sh...... For the organization sake, "there is much work to do." for us to meet your three main expectations, What does not help is when players cancel after 6PM on Thursday or at the last minute. Then it is often difficult to find suitable player to replace and re-balance the teams, which has for an effect of seeing your dirty looks through your cages that makes my work difficult and unpleasant. Add to that the guys who don’t show up and we have a cocktail for disaster.

Living in a time when people are suffering from acute introversion (me myself and I), it is difficult to reach the individual behind the mask, if I base myself on the level of participation of guys in the Movember movement, ending today. After encouraging them to participate on many occasion in a group project to help the community, guys did not answer the call. The same could be said of the level of involvement of the majority of members of the league through the different facets of it. So the question arises: What the F....did I get myself into and why am I doing, investing so much of myself for the benefit of others. Am I in the right place in my life’s journey? That amongst other questions arise through my head under the sheets, I'll leaave the self analyses behind and move on to the appointment of our candidates for the player of the month as to not put  more workload on Tom's or Matt’s shoulders who give me a hand with my translation for the English side of our league when it is not Les Perreaux. They don't only play but also give back to the league.

Tell yourself that like in a boat, if the crew members do not work together and that if everything lies on the shoulders of only a few, a shipwreck is sure to happen, and like in any good dream, reality can bring you back to earth and put an end to what seemed at first a hell of a good idea. Again, it will be only those who row who understand why we did not make it to the other side.

Here are the nominees for the LFA player of the month powered by Sher-Wood.  Please vote on our site by midnight Friday December 5th. The winner will receive a pair of gloves graciously offered by Sher-Wood Hockey.

In a final curtain call, here are the winning numbers for the half / half for November and a second prize, courtesy of Solomax projects that offers this month, a gift card for $ 75 for Sports Experts. Closely linked to "the great crossing" of the group, the 50/50 will be used to finance what you wear on your backs and costs "related" to the infrastructure of a league such as ours. Without greater participation in this part of the LFA, among others, or news sponsors, next season could be more expensive because as the Quebec government, the management of the LFA will have to go in times of austerity if it decides to continue.