Moustache that does not respect the outlines of Movember but that scores big on originality

Being in charge of a hockey league made up of about 400 guys and communicating with several others groups in various spheres of activity, I thought it was important to get involved with Movember. I decided to sign up our league, so that it could help this movement and help men in psycological distress, and ultimately aid in the research on prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Patrice Vichier, a captain in our league who is guiding the Avengers to a great start this season, joined me earlier this month to discuss Movember as he took part in it two years ago.

We hope that other members of our league, regulars as well as replacements, families and friends join our team so that together we can make a difference in our community. This social engagement through the LFA is fundamental to the development of the "new face of adult hockey in Quebec" (one of the slogans used by the league to promote its future). If fact, the desire to create the LFA, long before it was born, led me to realize that most leagues use the same formula without seeing the full potential of what bringing people together does. Wanting to create a league to get people moving is good, but creating one that can also move the world around it is better!

Ultimately, it is a matter of synergy, for if after repeated efforts we are able to raise the level of awareness of people in a group, the energy of each individual multiplied by the number of members has the potential to become an undeniable strength in any project that it undertakes. Unity creates strength and it also solidifies the foundations of a society, which is why it is important, in my opinion, that people who actively socialize throught different activities should mobilize and use their full potential to contribute positively and constructively to our society without meddling in politics and complicating matters too much, using people power. Narcissism in society goes against humanism and the essence of life. It is time to open our eyes, Saturday hockey is a good place to stretch out not only the body but also the soul.

By rolling up your sleeves and joining forces, we can overcome all the obstacles we face and make the most of our time and and leave a lasting testament of our time spent on this ball of clay. Visit our page and join the movement! Http://