Maguy Deslauriers making her debut in the lfa, a true pioneer for her gender.

This sunny Sunday is a complete contrast with last week which passed under a gloomy drizzle and inspired prose to match. With the doors of our league open to all, it was only a matter of time until a woman signed up to play. She did not disappoint, winning fans along the way. Like her, I made my LFA season debut after spending the fall in the stands to watch over the games and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Before the game I wanted to make sure the lads wouldn’t act like cro-magnons and not be too surprised to see a woman suddenly appear in the dressing room, which one must admit doesn’t happen all that often.

So I sent a message to both teams, which I’ll sum up this way: “I’ve never seen her and don’t let your imaginations run wild. She is coming to play hockey and wants to be treated like a member of the team, that’s it, that’s all.” Imagine the surprise when I announced the arrival of beautiful, radiant young woman to play with us. Nevertheless she was treated like one of the boys, and we are very happy to count her among us. She plays with fire in her eyes, smarts, and fit in well with the tempo of the LFA. I’ve played with women throughout my career, especially during my university years and I find it cool they’re playing more and more. As more couples have both tasted the game, women understand better that their men want to play with their friends and will take it less as an affront as, sadly, happens too often. Believe me, I’ve organized hockey long enough to know the couples’ scorecard is not just an urban legend. 


jean beliveau's last stanley cup (as a player) won may 18th 1971 against the Chicago Black Hawks

I could not allow the passing of Jean Bélveau, a man who deserves all our admiration for how he carried himself on and off the ice, to pass without comment. I won’t go into detail about his trajectory, as so many media have already, but I would like to underline to what point I respect a man who showed values so dear to me over his long life, values so lacking today in our society of douchebaggery, values disappearing in favour of an unhealthy and unearned egocentrism. 

What’s been said about this man since his death he showed over his entire life; intelligence, integrity, sensitivity, and savoir vivre while remaining humble despite his on-ice exploits. His thoughtfulness toward others, his team spirit, and what he gave back to society make him an example to follow that should be taught in Quebec history classes if you ask me. And why not teach savoir vivre since, it seems, a lot of parents don’t know how to inculcate basic values to their children, having none themselves, which explains the lamentable state of our society today which should look toward to the past to sculpt a better future. 

It was reviewing his life path that I realized to what point “le Gros BIll” reminded me of my father, each having chosen a different path, both incarnated values from another era where a man could hold his head high and not be afraid of his shadow because his life was clean, transparent and upstanding. Thanks to him for making me realize it. I, along with all the members of the LFA, wish to offer my sympathies to Mr. Béliveau’s family and also to one of ours, Pierre-Luc Bédard, the Loggers’ captain, who lost his father this week after a long struggle with illness. Our thoughts are with you, Pierre-Luc. 


Larry (on the left) vice-president of hockey operations in the Lfa with Gio Pigafetta, MR. NOVEMBER IN LA LIGUE FÉDÉRALE DES AS.

As with the start of every month we have crowned the LFA player of the month, driven by SHER-WOOD, who this time is Giovanni Pigafetta of the Avengers. Winner last season of the “unsung hero” award, Gio finally won as the player who stood out after being nominated several times last season without taking the prize. We are very happy for him. Gio wins a pair of gloves courtesy of SHER-WOOD HOCKEY. He already has hands of gold, and now he has the gloves that fit. 


It was a long process but the photos of our regular players are finally online after several months of work that saw several players change allegiances. I have to thank my loyal  friend and vice president of hockey operations, Larry for his work and devotion to the cause. The best photos of the month of November are also online. Bring your cameras to contribute to this aspect of the league, the greatest league in the world, which souds funnier when Jean Chrétien says it in french. 



Having finally played after four months (from August 1st to now) spent watching my boys tear up the ice and untold hours locked in my office for the LFA, I have to admit it was really fun to play yesterday, and to see that across victories and defeats the good spirits prevailed, a good barometer being the representatives of all six teams who gathered to break bread in our Après Matchs, which are another of the riches of the LFA and a sign of a league in good health. Have a great week and we’ll see you again December 20th after our break next weekened.