Well, I’m off to a roaring start. Usually I let myself be guided by the headline of my article, which helps reveal some inspiration, but this time I’ve got sweet diddly do. Sometimes stairing at the screen helps, but the only thing coming to me right now are the shots of  tequila and Redbull from the bar last night. We already had a few cold ones in the belly when we hit our favourite dive bar, the Bifteck. I have some vague recollection of a funny guy who was sitting next to us who offered up a round, and after that we all started paying rounds, and it went downhill from there. It works out well that I live nearby because I don’t really remember leaving the place and my clothes were spread across my loft this morning, as if I lost an epic scrap with myself. Some magical nights reserve all sorts of surprises for those open to the unknown.

To get back to hockey, which may be  the reason you’re fixed on your screen, rather than to hear about our crazy after-game experiences of the LFA Satnite hockey classics: Yesterday was another night where the rivalry between certain players spun out of control and the camraderie among others was on display. I can’t really speak about the rivalry between certain teams, but more about certain players for whom ego takes up all the ice, as if they unscrew their heads the moment they put on their helmets. I won’t get into the speech on fair play and amicable hockey that Larry and I have been stressing since the start. Instead, I’ll put a spotlight on the behaviour change of one of the LFA leaders.


Martin Desjardins is a nice example of a guy who realized in the middle of the season that he wasn’t having as much fun on Saturdays as he once did because of his negative attitude and aggressive play. His one-game suspension surely helped him with the evaluation. He’s still as intense on the ice today, but he has a much better attitude and doesn’t tend to go off the rails as he did before. He’s having fun, and is an even more dominant player. He’s a great example of a guy who took things in hand and will hopefully inspire others to do the same, for the benefit of us all.

Last Saturday’s games were sealed by an easy 5-2 win of the Bifteck Avengers against the Bily Kun Czeckers, and a crushing 5-0 win by the Cabane Expresse against the Tomahawks. Despite the lopsided score the game was fun to play for everyone but the Tomahawks goalie who didn’t seem very happy with the way the match ended, despite having kept his team in the game into the third period. For his part, Nicholas Chagnon offered his best  performance of the season, getting his first shutout in the Ligue Fédérale des As.

Once again, the league’s emergency equipment allowed  a replacement who had forgotten his gloves and skates to play. Similar situations have taken place several times this year. if you ever have equipment you no longer use, don’t hesitate to donate them to the league to expand our supplies for a variety of sizes. A jockstrap or even just the cup are welcome!



Earlier I mentioned the camraderie among players that has manifested itself every week and this reality of our league was underlined by our waitress Alicia at the Cabane after our games. She didn’t realize the boys who drink and eat after our games ar not all part of the same team. She found it cool that guys from four teams break bread together, share some laughs and discuss matters occasionally linked to hockey, in good humour and fellowship. The after game participation of players in the LFA is the ultimate tool to bring people together and build the best league that is free of cheap shots and needless quarrels. The day where everyone understands that principle the league will have accomplished its mission of becomign the world’s greatest adult hockey league. Nothing less!

In order to keep improving the ultimate hockey experience for players and members of the public, the Ligue Fédérale des As is pleased to announce we are creating two new sections on our site. From now on, you can read previews of different  articles in a blog format. The new format will also offer a more dynamic presentation under “HOME” and “LFA news” and also Larry’s section, “While sipping a last one,” which will each now have their own section under “News.” This new way of doing things will improve your experience on the hottest adult hockey league site, according to the feedback we’re receiving week after week. But there’s always room for improvement, and you’ll see more changes in the months and years ahead.

Asam !