jerseys proposed for the 2014-15 season

After months of negotiations, the Ligue Fédérale des As has concluded an agreement with Collège Notre-Dame to add an additional ice time for 2014-15 to allow us to grow to six teams next season.

Some details remain to be worked out, but if things go according to plan the first Saturday game will take place at 3:30 p.m., the second game at 5h00. and the third game at 6:30 PM. One of the new franchises will wear green and the other will wear a pale blue or yellow ochre.

More than ever, the LFA needs member participation to recruit new talent and help forge the new face to adult hockey in Quebec. We must grow our bank of players to ensure we maintain the same level of play and to have enough talented players for the draft this summer. We may have 134 replacement players but we must grow this list with players capable of replacing a players at four different talent levels. We will start collecting player deposits for next season on March 1.

Fern along with friend and teammate Corm making a come-back after a long absence du to an upper-body injury (photo Lisette Nepveu)

Last night marked a first in the young history of the league. Ludovic Helias with the Cabane Express set a record scoring six goals while his teammate Les Perreaux scored three in a 12-4 massacre against the BIly Kun Czechers. It was also the first time we’ve had a game where one team scored more than 8 goals, if memory services, and it gave us no pleasure to see it happen. It’s to avoid such situations that it is very important everyone puts their shoulder into finding new members to ensure we have enough people to meet demand. The Czechers were put at a slight disadvantage by their replacement players yesterday. I say slight because of their four substitutes, only two were weaker than the player they replaced. They were clearly also facing a very hungry team that has spent several months at the bottom of the standings.

On an other level, I'm announcing a change in personnel. Wes Bolduc of the Czeckers did not willingly accept his one-game suspension after several warnings about his behavior on the ice. After a few email exchanges we came to the agrement  to give his place on a full-time basis to Adam Button, who has been playing as a replacement for a while and better understands the friendly and intense play of the LFA. Wes remains part of the league and will be called to fill in next season because he remains a fine player who as a regular brought a certain amount of frustration at a competitive (but friendly)  level.

On a happier note, the miniature aerial camera we were supposed to have Dec. 21 will take place next Saturday, thanks to the collaboration of Vincent Iglesias and his right-hand man René Lemelin. To close off the night at the rink, the 50-50 draw for the month of February will be held under the supervision of Hockey Brotherhood Association vice-president Mr. Cameron DesBois.

JFD (As translated by Les Perreaux)