And the winner is....# 500290 (photo by Larry)

It’s the type of catchy headline that always forces one to read the first line of the story, just to see what all the fuss is about.

In this case, the incredible news hits close to home. This February, for the second month in a row, the Cabane Express won the $300 pot of the 50/50 draw. Having had success buying tickets individually and together, they repeated the experiment and again took the jackpot, while helping the LFA cover a small part of its operating expenses, the creation of trophies for one. Here, you can see the video of the draw that was held at la Cabane, thanks to Martin Jacques-Aubert. >>>VIDEO<<<

Speaking of news, here is a link Phil Cyr sent me a few weeks ago that some of you will appreciate. There is a lot of truth in it and you will see certain descriptions of the boys here, that will bear a striking resemblance to some of the guys in our league (in french only)

It would be great if you took the time to participate a bit more in everything the league has to offer, such as the chance to create the biggest hockey scrapbook in the world. I put a few of my own in the MEMORY LANE section and it would be great if everyone put a little of themselves into the project to make our site even more interesting and rich in history.

One two, one two testing (photo Lisette Nepveu)

This weekend marked a first in the hockey world as we used a remote-controlled drone aircraft to film part of a game. Unless I’m proven wrong, I don’t believe anyone else has attempted this experiment, for some reason. I’ve only seen a few clips, and hopefully others will be added between now and the playoffs, but it seems very promising. Thanks again to Vince and René for helping the LFA set itself apart from other leagues.

Over the course of the week you will be able to see some of the best photos from February. It was a month rich in material thanks to Lisette and Tracy, who are keeping the photo section lively. This is another way we set ourselves apart from other adult hockey leagues with souvenir photos of every game. As our slogan goes, the LFA offers an optimal hockey experience, and these photos make up a large part of that experience. Speeking of which, here is a souvenir from Sochi, without beeing the most entertaining games in history they did have nice room service in the olympique village ;)


Sochi souvenir

Last week, I announced that Adam Button would fill an empty roster spot with the Bily Kun Czeckers. Finally, after further discussion with Mimi, the coach / captain of the greys, it’s Matthew Perris who will take the spot and become a regular with us. Adam, along with Phil Gauthier and Jeff Southern, will replace Phil Cyr, Raymond Hughes and Andrew Elkin for an undetermined period of time.  

I remind you that your coaches will start collecting this weekend for your deposits on the 2014-15 season, which is also open to replacement players who want to become regulars with our expansion to six teams. You make your $50 payment in cash or by cheque payable to La Ligue Fédérale des As.

Regulars and replacements, don’t forget to vote for the player of the month of February before midnight next Friday February 28th. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Asam !

JFD (As translated by Les Perreaux)