FINALLY 2014 !!!!

It's a great relief to start this first article of the new year. Not only does it mark the start of a new era in our dear league, it also marks a point of renewal in our lives, for some with resolutions that they'll maintain for a while, and for others that will lead to a complete lifestyle change.

Without being particularly superstitious despite being a goalie for more than thirty years, a position with more than its share of superstitious beliefs and other bizarreness, I was anxious to get out of the viper's nest that was 2013. If I was the only one feeling the year was long, I'd probably keep it to myself (ed: Yeah right) but chatting with friends I realized to what point the feeling is widespread. It was a shitty year if there ever was one, even if it brought to light the greed and corruption of certain people, nothing is settled or within sight of being settled. Catastrophe was piled upon tragedy in these dark 365 days, and humanity can hardly be said to have advanced, but at least there is hockey and the camaraderie is still alive on our little piece of ice. Time to start 2014 with fresh eyes, and without fear of change.

We should stop letting time slip away in our lives, and set aside pre-set beliefs pre-digested and propagated by our matriarchal society. The era of the metrosexual man with his natty clothes must end, and you should take control of your lives before they evaporate and you find yourself six feet under. You have one life to live boys (and girls who read our website), and this is not contrary to your family obligations, if you have them, but too many of you lose yourselves in this social system imposed on you. If it's not your girlfriend, it's your boss, city or government, not to mention the overzealous police officer who stop you for any stupid thing to meet their quota.

It's a good thing we don't have this problem with our referees but too many have it in their lives, being strangled by others, in this western way of living defined by the good citizenship of spineless men who submit always to others. All you have to do is watch ads or television in general to see it. I'm going to hold back for now, but I'll come back one day with my full thinking on this subject.  For now, I just wish you all a great start of the year, from the bottom of my heart. Be true, be fair and good, spread harmony and joy wherever you may go, but above all take control of your life. It belongs to you, and you only have one to live.