Concept by JFD, graphics by Jeremy Lancelin

Sport and the passions aroused by the desire to win pushes sometimes to excess. If you ad the Holy Grail in the mix to light the fire of our imagination and enable us to activate the dreams of the child in us, this desire becomes a goal, an obsession and even a reason to live for some of us. This quest to the heights of our sport can stun the bravest of us and crush under the weight of stress those in whom we trust to carry our deepest  expectations.

 Hockey, like life, unites people from everywhere who shares the same passion, whether as player or spectator. Some are more talented, generous, hard-working or more vocal than others, but everyone shares a desire to win. Have you ever played like it might be your last time on the ice? The experience brings with it the desire to live in the moment, and a certain dismay towards the clock that erases time in spite of us.We should cultivate this feeling in our games in order to maximize what the game has to offer and to be awake to the fact time is slipping through our fingers like tears in the rain.Sometimes we are deep in the action without living the moment, going through the physical play without being conscious of our entire being. By being more grounded, we could have fun while also evolving as human beings if we are lucky, by being much more present in the moment, recognizing how lucky we are to be together, playing like kids. Perhaps it's idealistic to think hockey players could alter their approach to the game in such a fundamental way, but I throw the idea out there anyway.

To play as if it was your last game, to live fully in the present moment won't erase the desire to win as we are often ready to do anything for victory, rather it will help you excel in the moments where you cross paths with the trail of destiny..