While sipping a last one…

Hi there !

This week we had two close games , but I will not go into the details this time around except to say that once again we got to see some of the "great Julien" who concluded yet another of his  practically "traditional" hat tricks with the game winner for the Express which eventually won 5-3 against the Tomahawks. As for the game between the Avengers and the Czeckers the after game buzz was that «it was quite entertaining» as LFA fans put it upon exiting the arena. As the saying goes «they got their money’s worth ! With a final score of 5-5 and a festival of penalties to finish it off , there was «electricity in the air» to say the least , but fortunately the sparks were kept under control, although in some circles , there were rumors that some issues will have to be resolved internally, each team having elements on which to work ...

But what I will really remember from this Saturday, is that it's always fun to see situations tainted with animosity, or conflicts resolved bringing back harmony and happiness between the people involved. It is said that time arranges things and this is somewhat true, but it is mainly trough discussion and communication that negativity is defeated and when the dust finally settles, both parties can see more clearly and put the record straight ... (I think it made more sense in French but What the fuck !)

Thus JF and Thomas Saddi became "Buds" again and Fern and George from the Bifteck, were able to «settle their beef». In the first case it was the result of an «accident on ice» that occurred last Tuesday, which put JF «out» for an indefinite period , and in the other, upon verification, our beloved watering hole manager revised the price of his «de-alcoholised» beer so Fern can follow us in our post-match drinking without drinking and without breaking his bank ... Isn’t that wonderful! ! But the highlight of this memorable evening was once again a manifestation of the "spirit of the Hockey Brotherhood"... I do not know if I should talk about it , at the risk of tarnishing my reputation, but it’s not like you do not know me already, and I 'm not sure if these lines are read by a whole lot of people anyways, so it’s a risk that I am willing to take ...

As some may have known, it was my birthday on December 1st , therefore beginning at midnight Saturday . This is why in preparation, I started to celebrate immediately after the game , so around 6PM... I do not know if it's because I was at the rink since three o’clock helping the battered JF organize coolers and take the last photos for the web-site or because the Tremblay is especially good or again because I let myself be tempted by a mysterious cloud of smoke floating behind the arena, but at one point it was time to leave and, having put Fern and his gear in my truck, we left for our usual destination. It is only after miraculously finding parking near JF’s and while I was passing his gear down to Fern that I had the most astonishing surprise: I had left MY hockey equipment in the parking lot of the arena ! Fern was in shock, but I laughed ! I told him , "no prob " I’ll call JF so he can call Jeremie (who was part of the 4 or 5 guys who were still in the car park when I left ) ... so I call JF and tell him with a laugh:« I Forgot my gear in the parking lot » He answered me, thinking I was a bit too relaxed : But fuck Larry , you’re talking about your hockey stuff ! So I tell him I will not leave and go back there driving like crazy to finally get there and realize that someone has picked it up ... so make the call and I will  wait and see before "making a move" !

Sure enough , barely 2 minutes later: " OK Larry, Mike has your stuff and is coming at La Cabane! "... It is Bertrand who noticed the bag left in the middle of the place and gave it to Mike  The worst is that before leaving I remember seeing it, but being convinced that I had already put mine in the truck , I was convinced it was Thomas’s which has exactly the same bag... Whatever ! It is at times like these that we are really happy to have cell phones, for something really important ! This is the first and probably the last time I forget such a thing , (I hope ) but it's the kind of situation where you can do nothing more than stay calm because even if you get mad as hell, it won’t solve anything anyway…A bit like when the ref «calls one on you» that you think is bull, or a when guy «scratches» your stick while taking the puck from you, Just relax ! (probably the worst thing to say to someone who’s loosing it ! ! ! )

I am wandering a little here, but all I’m trying to say is that I may be a very lucky bastard, but I know it. Just the same: we have a great hockey league filled with great guys , so we should just appreciate it and the chance we have to be a part of  it !!!

Have a good week !