Meeting between the Bifteck Avengers and the Rouge Horizon Tomahawks (photo Lisette Nepveu)

It’s disheartening to have to use such a headline to talk about yesterday’s turn of events instead of announcing some good news about the Ligue Fédérale des As.

The morning is over, and four hours have already been spent sorting out the various altercations that took place yesterday. And the day is young.

The first season of the league hasn’t been perfect, but there have been no major incidents and the league, as seen from the outside, was doing very well. We were getting a lot of praise from our substitute players and other observers who are charmed by everything the LFA has to offer, without counting most of the regulars who are saying as much. « You don’t know what you got until it’s gone. »


This mess is due to an unfortunate act of a player that had repercussions right into the second game of the evening, where things got heated and a player brought his frustrations from the first game.Without pointing fingers, because I’m waiting for reports from certain people, the feeling I’m managing a daycare, a kindergaten rather than a league has been lingering for some time, and it was confirmed yesterday. As if by my position in the league, I am somehow able to make sure everything goes smoothly, and that the children don’t smack each other or use foul language toward the others in an activity that creates the occasional collision, even unintentionally.Acts of frustration and bruised egos, the list is interminable of things that can create unhappiness among some, toward others.

Even if I’m not a dad, my various jobs and interests allow me to observe others, like a professional voyeur, a Sunday shrink or a a surveillance camera. I will tell you the lack of conscience and altruism of individuals is flagrant and embedded in our society. Not to mention the lack of empathy and openness to meet the other person on his ground.How easy it is to complain when you are spoon-fed and we have everything we need. Oh I know, life is hard, and there’s nothing like sport to allow you to blow off steam.

What causes acts of extreme frustration and quarral ,a lack of judgment and comprehension of those around us or just personal issues ?!

That having been said, to see all these people demanding justice while accusing the other make me laugh, as though my role as organizer should turn me into a judge or a cop and I can suddenly impose a reign of peace and order. I’m not trying to get away from my role as the grand manitou who has to keep this activity runing along smoothly. But for the love of… boys, let me quote myself : "The main idea is to have fun together. A good atitude on the ice is fundamental to the well-being of everyone. As a hockey legend said, « Be like a child and leave your ego at the door. Let’s have fun, boys! »" Taken from our leagues website.

A young fan and Lisette Nepveu an important LFA colaborator (photo Tracy Chou)

I’m going to stop right there before I go too deep. I am putting ALL of my time into organizing YOUR hobby on ice and I’m asking for a minimum of cooperation so our Saturday hockey meetings take place with camaraderie and good humour in mind, which is the reality most of the time. There is no room in the league I am trying to build for scenes like yesterday and I don’t want to see it happen again, because hearing some of you whine constantly is getting on my nerves. Play hard, look out for the guy next to you, and have fun!

It,s not complicated. It’s a lucky thing last weekend is not representative of the spirit that generally reigns in the LFA, and I hope it reminds us all of the kind of league we are trying to build.

It’s too bad. I had some great news to share with you but what can you do. Like the six o’clock news, it’s always bad news that wins.Stuff happens. Let’s get it going in the right direction next Saturday.

Asam !