A lot of research, samples and ideas were explored to achieve the final logo of the Ligue Fédérale des As. Time was short between confirmation of the extra ice time that allowed us to transform the Hockey Brotherhood into this new entity on the Montreal sports scene. There were barely two months, from ice time to announcement. In that time, we found a name I had left dormant for years, and to create the image that would represent us, all while building a website explaining the project, and writing all the texts in English, French and Montreal-speak. My time was more than filled promoting the LFA as a new face of adult hockey in Quebec.

The “I” was only part o the project because several friends helped make this all possible. You will find their names in the section of the site dedicated to thank-yous. But if you look just at our league’s logo, which underwent several transformations between January and July 2013, it was created with the collaboration of Raymond Hughes who always understood the idea behind the dream.

I was inspired by the images used in propaganda by the post-modern communist movement, particularly some coming from the posters my father brought back from Portugal during the 1976 election, a style Ray mastered very quickly. Several versions of the logo exist because my friends Marie-Hélène Dion, Larry and Jeremy Lancelin, who completed Ray’s work, put everything into imagining the emblem of Montreal’s new adult hockey league.

What was fun about the logos and the images we played with is they allowed us to imagine new things and to play with the material. This is why we will release different versions of the logo on T-shirts and other canvases to share the product of our collective imaginations.