The magic of winter....

With the events of last week , I have an overflow of news to give you.  Not sure which is the most important , but I'll start with this one.

Since the beginning of the project to pass from the Bro pick-up games to the LFA, I thought hockey was a splendid platform to make a difference in our society. To organize hockey is good but to organize hockey while helping the community is better! The league is much more time consuming than I had anticipated , so I have not been able to organize all the different events and programs that I wanted to implement. That said, we will finish the season with a final unparalleled in a beer league.

I am actively working among others projects  on the final which will take place at 5PM on April 26 between the two best teams in the "round robin" . A date to remember because even if your team does not make the first grand final in the history of the LFA , I want everyone to be present , regulars like substitutes, enlarged families and friends together to celebrate the first season the new face of adult hockey in Quebec. I won't say more about the grand final and rather draw your attention to the cause that we will support .

The cause the LFA and the Brotherhood Hockey Association decided to support alongside our final game is THE MONTREAL CANADIENS CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION, bringing acclaim to our small league and all who belong while helping out local kids. Your participation is essential to make this event a success and our league climb out of anonymity by making a difference in our community. Like knights coming to the rescue of the poor, be proud of the emblem on your jerseys and give a little of yourself to people around you. It does not hurt and feels  good. You will be asked to sell tickets and spread the word to the four corners of your cosmos. More details to follow ....

Use it before you loose it....

Another project I've been working on for several months is the TREMBLAY championship trophy of the regular season champions , project  put together with the help of Larry and Nicolas Migneault ,the Plateau tinsmith . At the time I am writing this, it is not yet completed due to overwork in the league, but it will be completed shortly. A party will be held for the unveiling of yet another exclusive LFA trophy signed TOTEM URBAIN , a group which you have not heard the last of as it combines several artists and craftsmen imagining the invisible together ... I hope you ALL will be present for this special evening to show our sponsors at TREMBLAY that you appreciate their involvement in our league and to show you that I appreciate your participation , prizes will also be drawn . You will be invited to the event via email soon.

I recently met Yacine Bouhali , a journalist from Link, the student newspaper at Concordia University , who wrote the first article on the LFA . You can read it in our new PRESS KIT section under the NEWS.

Into the great wide open......

Last but not least I got the deposit of Carl "The goalie with the golden pads " last week for next season . He is an excellent keeper with a good attitude, who  Ludo our player of the month found for us. I also encourage you to invite your friends, acquaintances and friendly guys you meet to join the LFA as a regular or substitute player for the next season. With the expansion happening , we need to expand the family. Ask them to visit LFAHOCKEY.COM and register , they will thank you and be eternally grateful  to join a league that is set apart from the rest.

Also, do not forget to let me know in advance if you will be absent during the playoffs to not penalize your team on the road to the cup. As another man  once said; " Do not ask what the LFA can do for you but what you can do for the LFA " If you want to give a helping hand for the remainder of the season, "ya dla job masse" and it would be really appreciated!