While sipping a last one ...

I  would kill for a Tremblay !

I  would kill for a Tremblay !

Yes indeed ! It will be the last game of the regular season next Saturday . Alas, I will not be with you to celebrate, and it pisses me off ! Not that we have a chance to win; with the beginning of the season that the Express had , let’s say we're glad to have finished with a respectable record !

It seems that the Red Horizon Tomahawks are assured of finishing first in the standings and will be the first to register their names on the Tremblay trophy , which is literally a monument of metal and light housing a small keg of that precious liquid we love so much ... Personally  I have never seen or heard of such a thing. Incidentally, I 'm not sure I can talk too much about it , you will have to see it to believe or understand it …

Already the LFA has the most beautiful trophy to be played for in a «garage league» in the world…( until proven otherwise ... good luck !) Then, this second trophy, that redefines the very concept of a trophy by becoming a completely unusual object. Having worked on it (and I am only one of several ) I can assure you that no detail has been overlooked in the design of this collective work, as for the Championship Trophy it would become out of price if all the hours spent working on this creation would be accounted for.

This trophy is all indicated to celebrate the first ranking team of the regular season. By its nature, the "community" aspect  of it and the fact that it is to be shared, the trophy symbolizes the core values hat inspire the Ligue Fédérale des As. It is also  a milestone, enabling us to «reconcile» before moving on to more serious things !

...The series !

Good week and have good game Saturday, it is a privilege to play hockey , at least that's how I see it ... think about it.