After years of running the Sat night Hockey Brotherhood, I have finally been able to unite creativity and hockey in putting together the LFA, a four team league that will grow to six next season. As this is our inaugural season, we have decided to unite with the Montreal Canadians Children Foundation to celebrate the creation of the league, the trophies, the jerseys and everything that goes with it, helping out a good cause and the community during our grand final.

I invite you all to join us Saturday April 26th at 5PM at Notre-Dame College Arena located at 3791 Queen Mary in Montréal, in front of Saint-Joseph Oratory, to come cheer-on good fellas and help out a Foundation important to our community. The tickets are only 10$ each and can be purchased at our on-line boutique on this site or at the door on game day. FREE for children under 12 years old. All proceeds and sales of tickets, popcorn, beer etc will go directly to the Foundation.

We all hope you will join us as we will have door prizes, DJ's, great deals on snacks and people from all ages and walks of life attending this game, making it an intergenerational event well worth attending as we will all be helping out a local charity while showing off our exclusive championship cup for the very first time. I also which to remind you that the Montreal Canadiens are NOT playing that night.

It's a rendezvous !