The 2014 individual LFA player awards design and crafted by TOTEM URBAIN.

A few weeks ago I titled my article “My final Sunday… or nearly.” I could have called this one my final Monday, but the image of a message in a bottle seemed more appropriate, because I’m not sure if anyone will read these lines.

Because the season ended April 26 and summer has finally knocked on the door, it’s not all our members who have their heads to hockey. But the LFA is still active with exploratory matches for a few more Saturdays to see as many new players as possible on the ice with our established members. We also have to get ready for our expansion by two teams next season, which involves finding new sponsors and partners to allow the league to operate at full speed and achieve its objectives, both in viability and social involvement.


The Ligue Fédérale des As or the LFA is the envy of the hockey world with the optimal hockey experience that comes with participating fully in all we have to offer. The LFA is unequivocally the new face of adult hockey in Quebec and sets the bar to a new high.

One of many awards givin out at our end of season gala.

I won’t list everything the league has to offer, but I’d invite you to explore the pages of this site to uncover its many treasures. But our site is only the tip of the iceberg, a starting point to guide you towards the best adult hockey league in town. It is competitive, super well organized, and, above all, healthy, because those unable to play with a good attitude are quickly set aside from our network, which allows us to play hockey without unnecessary quarrels that can ruin the flow of the game. Camaraderie, laughter and the coldest beer in town are the hallmarks of our games.

Over the next week, I will be adding to the site the best photos of our April 26 final and over the summer I will be putting aside the best photos from throughout the year to allow everyone to see the best moments of the 2013-2014 LFA season in one place.

Julien Staeger winner of both top scorer and most points award along with our lovely hostess at the Windsor hyper bar & grill on the Main, Astacia and myself.





I will also put together shortly an in-depth article for the home page that will go all the way back to the creation of the league in December 2012.

Friday night was held the LFA gala, and once again thanks to the collaboration of Totem Urbain and the work of Larry, Éric Drapeau and I, we were able to present exclusive individual awards to members of the LFA who set themselves apart during the season. Not your usual gold plated plastic junk but an original piece that guys can be proud to display. It was a fun evening that allowed us to chat about the best moments of the season, about the playoffs involving the Habs (or Chicago, as Fern insisted) and to properly salute one another to start the summer break. Many of us will cross paths this summer, but many others won’t until fall arrives. As many times before, the gala ended at my place, which is incidentally the headquarters of the league, on the main in the center of the action, to finish off the night.

Larry winner of the post game award givin to the guy who's always up for a cold one after a hard faught game

On that note, I hope you all have summers filled with delights, memorable encounters and joy. Don’t forget to prepare for the hockey season before you hop on the ice. Stay in shape and keep your eyes open for the new prospects the league will need if we want to play hockey together for a long time to come.

Until next time.

JFD (as translated by Les Perreaux)