All sixty jersey's minus one, cleaned and ready to go for the 2014-15 season

First Sunday without the urgency to produce some sort of text , statistics, choice of the weekly photos or any of the different dossiers that I have to keep evolving, looking for new players for the planned expansion to six teams next season , reports to the foundation and the liquor commission , the preparation of individual trophies for the gala evening with the after party , agreements between different partners and sponsors, organization of the 3 games spring series, cleaning and upkeep of the jersey's and ...... Come to think of it, I'm in the juice as usual but without the sense of urgency that I have dealt with since the beginning of June.




The end of an eventful inaugural season marks also the beginning of a manhunt for new players and sponsors so that the LFA passes to six teams and becomes more viable: As you can imagine, this first year has been very costly financially and personally for the guy writing these lines, lines  that will fall into oblivion as quickly as they appear on the web that is fully stocked with vital or most often with useless news.

Which brings me to a brief reflection, because it seems that we are in an era in which it's best not to exceed 144 characters as people are too busy to develop their own reflection on things, let alone take the time to truly read someone else's thoughts. People Twit random thoughts and Like anything you throw at them. This is sad but it is a reality , most people read diagonally and think they've absorbed the information when they've only open the envelope without understanding the true meaning ,origin or source of what's in front of them. Ooops! I think I 'll have to change the subject, my 144 characters have expired .....

the winnig numbers of the door prizes at last weeks event

On a less personal note, here are the winning numbers of the door prizes of last Saturday's grand final and fundraiser  for the Montreal Canadiens Children Foundation. Some prices have not yet been claimed, so if you still have your ticket , here are the numbers : # 0734 , 0054, 0728 , 0774,0012,0922,0205,0281and 0771 which belonged to Benoit Gervais who won the stick signed by all the members of the Montreal Canadiens . He actually found the winning ticket in the shredder a couple of days after the event when he realized he might have the winning numbers after reading last week's news. (see what happens when you fully read a message or article...)I also wish to mention that in addition, he was one of the few to have sold all his tickets for our event. Good things come to people who are truly connected to their environment. Congratulations and thank you for your help !

Benoit's winning ticket


Speaking of tickets, I wish to inform the readers that we sold 453 tickets  from the 1000 I set the league to sell and we nearly sold $ 500 at our cantine with all the proceeds going to the Foundation. It is far from the goals and expectations of the league, but it is acceptable for a first attempt considering the immensity of the work that had to be done  by a tiny group.

During the grand final another draw was held at the LFA shop and the winner of the Tremblay sports jacket is Mr. Craig Higgins who attended for the first time one of our games and said he enjoyed his experience greatly.

Thats it, thats all !