With the first games under our blades and the start of a new season, we saw the six new teams for the 2014-15 season of La Ligue Fédérale des As. We didn’t necessarily have the close games were were hoping for (with the exception of the 3-2 victory of the Bily Kun Czechers against the Rouge Horizon Tomahawks). The other games were a blowout, even if at least one of them was close until the third period.

It’s difficult to have a clear sense of the teams after just one weekend of play, because with 20 replacement players scattered throughout the teams we didn’t get to see their true colours. Strangely, it was the new teams after our second league expansion that stole the show with victories by the Mc Carold Shamrocks and the Vipers (which still don’t have a sponsor to push their development.) Given that we rebuild the teams after each season, it doesn’t really mean a lot, but the boys seemed inspired by their new sweaters -- even the Vipers, whose yellow is vibrant to say the least.

We will have two more weekends of games before the selection committee meets to revisit the composition of the teams and to insert six to twelve new players into the league. We left those spots vacant to give us a chance to see some of the new players who have flocked to the league to sign up.

Created with the philosophy that “if you build it, they will come,” the league will continue to build momentum and will go into expansion mode across Quebec over the next year. The goal is to launch a league where the champions of each division all over the province, which could play each other at the end of the year for the LFA cup, which aspires to be the trophy of a people, of its history and roots, giving its members the ultimate hockey experience.

I invite you to watch our most recent video, entitled REVOLUTION, (higher on this page) taken from our matches last year, culminating in the championship game which saw the LFA cup hoisted toward the heavens for the first time in its young history. You will see scenes taken from a drone, which marks the first time in the hockey world that an indoor game has been captured in that way. The LFA is a frontrunner in the modern era of hockey in more than one way. We will confound the skeptics.

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