This season's captains in the company of the LFA president and vise-president of hockey opperations From left to right: Simon Lavery-Lebeau, Remy Babin, Pierre-Luc Bédard, Jean-François DesBois, Larry, Phil Cyr, Julien Staeger and Michael Wees (assistant captain and member of the selection committee) Photo Bruno Petrozza

It was somewhat of the worst kept  secret, but this morning the LFA announced to its pool of substitute players that there are twelve places available as full-time players in the league. At the September 1st draft, it had been decided to keep these vacant spots available so that the  phenomenal amount of new players that have joined the league over the last month could all be seen. The LFA did the same thing during its inaugural year (2013-2014 season), but then, there were only six vacancies, which again allowed the new talent to be seen. A draft of the new candidates will be held next Sunday, September 28 and between now and then, applicants need only to communicate with management, should they be interested in the full time spots.

At the selection committee meeting, the possibility of trades will also be on the table in attempt to adjust the balance of the league and to help the two squads that have had a hard time so far. 




That being said, on Saturday, we broke a 15 year old record, as we are yet to see any full squads. In fact, since the early exhibition games, not one team has been complete, if I'm not mistaken, so it has been difficult to judge the different strengths and weaknesses of each team. The high number of absent regular players forced me to find 27 replacements for the games yesterday; a record high since I began organizing hockey back in 99.

Derek Melo owner of La cabane and long time supporter of our Satnight hockey classics and now sponsor of the Cabane Loggers in the company of  François Poirier sponsor of the Rouge Horizon Tomahawks chamionship team of the 2013-2014 inaugural season.

Another first in the brief history of the league occurred this Saturday when two sponsors faced  off against one and other on the ice. Derek Melo from La Cabane Loggers laced up his skates for the first time in years to confront François Poirier from the Rouge Horizon Tomahawks , who was taking part in his second game this season. Just like last seasons final, the Tomahawks came out on top with Mr. Poirier scoring a couple goals to close the deal. That being said, both of them looked great and we hope to see them for a rematch. Even if we're just there to have fun ...... we can still pick up two points while we're there ;)

We'll keep it short and sweet this week and wish you a good one! Visit the Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill SCOREBOARD to see this week's game results.