Opening day with most of the 2014-2015 LFA edition

The roots of the League Federale des As date back to 1999 with the creation of the SATNITE HOCKEY BROTHERHOOD which has evolved over time, and for legal reasons, still exists under the name Hockey Brotherhood Association or HBA. Although today's on-ice activities are conducted through the LFA, comradeship and healthy competition persists. This remains a challenge, because with the arrival of several new faces from all over the metropolitan area, the most important aspect of our league still needs to be implanted in our recruits and many replacements as the family grows, as it more than doubled its "membership" in the last year.

The day after the re-shuffling of our teams and the addition of twelve new players and a goalie, through a draft to fill positions that were left vacant to better assess the level of our new recruits. We are now seeing quite a generation gap when we realize that the youngest regular member of the LFA is 21 and the oldest is 54. Hence the challenge to fill this gap through our love of the game, holding more events without forgetting our famous post-games that are the source of many friendships throughout the years, as well as the platform for innovative ideas in managing our league.

"La qualité mon ami" as Sam says when I grab a Shish Taouk in his establishment located on the Main near our office aka my loft. On our side it goes without saying that we took our time to properly evaluate a range of players and goalies throughout the 17 exhibition games that started last spring to get to the selection of our clubs for the 2014-2015 edition of the LFA. The start of the regular season has finally arrived and with it a new wind for what promises to be a year of intense moments, high in emotions and action packed that will put a soothing lotion on all these months in the burning trenches, in front of this computer and on the phone to set up the second season in a row of expansion in the short history of the League Federal de As, the model of the new era of "garage" hockey in Quebec.