Baby needs shoes....

The date was known by all but the result of the selection committee meeting to shake things up and choose new players to fill the teams remained hypothetical. Who was going to move and where were they going to end up? In addition to the arrival of a plethora of new players to fill the positions we were also going to shuffle the deck. The good thing about all of this is that a minimal number of the 53 regular players and goalies, before the arrival of the new 13 players, had to pack up their bags, change their socks and switch squads. In a strange and lucky way, all but one of the players traded (eight in all) will face their old team on Saturday, so this will facilitate the coordination for jersey switching.

Gio Pigafetta from the Avengers fighthing off a new comer to the league, Ryan Bergen last Saturday.

 So how does the "remix version of" the LFA teams look like ? Ya know, there's all kinds, big, lil, tall, fast , hard-working ,funny guy and a blend of all these and more on each team. With the arrival of several recruits, and a youthful breeze blowing across the league, we are giving it until November 15 to review everything and to see if any trades need to be made.

The new version of our teams also brings us to the end of the exhibition games and the start of the real season, a few days before that of the Canadiens. That being said, we started our pre-season games before them, as the first of our 17 games was held last spring as most of the preseason league operations began on August 1st.



The rookie, Benoit Des Roches from the Czechers,  swirling around against two opposing players from the Loggers.

 With the arrival of the regular season and the month of October, many things are on the agenda, like the first 50/50 of the season which will start this Saturday. God willing, as the votes for the player of the month come in, for this season, we will start by crowning a player from the month of October as the exhibition games didn't allow one player in particular to stand out. In any case, because the league is made p of several newcomers and many of them do not even really know the other players in the LFA; and seeing as the object of the exercise is that the winner each month is elected by his peers, we need to allow them time so they can get an idea of the guys that make up the La Ligue Fédérale des As. Whether it's the leading scorer, the hardest worker, the nicest guy or the goalie who steals the show, encourage those that you think make a difference in our league on and off the ice.  

Julien Staeger of the Shamrocks doing his stuff against Tom Spencer of the Tomahawks in the closing game of the night


To facilitate interaction between its members, the LFA hosts events like the one that will take place  on Wednesday October 8 at Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill for the first Canadiens game of the season against the Toronto Maple Leafs . The LFA is the only league that organizes, week after week, after-game activities; starts the season for its regular players with an open bar & grill and it is also one of the rare leagues that really cares about the welfare of its members. That is why it is pushing the envelope even further this season by organizing an LFA event whereby each club will receive $200 courtesy of the Windsor Hyper Bar & Grill. This is part of our partnership agreement and shows the commitment of the Windsor to our league : $ 1200 for one night only , that's a nice bonus for the boys!



We count on the participation of everyone for this unparalleled event which will be a great opportunity to celebrate the start of the official NHL schedule, as well as that of the LFA . This will also be a perfect opportunity to meet the other guys in the league. It's a date!

Play to play