Peter Puck, a great ambassador of the game

 Unlike the days when the return to school meant the end of our freedom and the long sunny days that flowed any way our imaginations would take us, back to hockey has however, always been a feeling of genuine enthusiasm and joy. Not only is this the chance to catch-up with your BROTHERHOOD friends that you don’t get the chance to see during the off-season, but it is back to business. 

First off, to get you guys in the mood, visit the photo section of the site to see some of the best pictures from last season. Also, for those who appreciate the multimedia component of the LFA, do not miss our new vidéo and the world premiere on Friday, September 12th at 8:00 pm (if all goes to plan) of the first hockey game to ever use a drone during an indoor match. This promotional video intitled LFA HOCKEY REVOLUTION could not be made possible without the participation of Sebastien Renault (new LFA member), Vincent Iglesisas and Michael Wees. A "sneak preview" is on-line NOW !!!!!!! In our vidéo section.

For those who are familiar with our site, you will notice the new " WINDSOR Hyper Bar & Grill Scoreboard" that will bring a little spice to our sauce. Also our new calendar, created by Jonathan Fernandes, (one of our new website contributors) is going to be the envy of all the other leagues!

Courtesy of another league partner, Hockey Experts ROCKLAND, which, through its sponsorship will allow us to enjoy special offers such as free skate sharpenings and also allow me to lay the groundwork for more special offers with all our partners. I will be sending out more details soon.

As the league organizer, I am conscience of the fact that many players do not fully understand the operation of the league and its aspirations. Luckily we have a unique website and if you invest a little time, you will find many answers to your questions and what led to the creation of the LFA.


All throughout the history of the league, whose roots date back to the last millennium, and whose first dreams date back to the early 70’s, the “post-game” is a vital aspect of our Saturday games. The times we play are also chosen to minimize interference with our weekend plans. I got my hands on a BBQ this summer that we can use to fire up some appetizers while encouraging the boys on the ice…. hockey tailgating baby! As per tradition, following the games we go to one of our three bar-restaurant partners where the mouthwatering food and cold flowing beer will fill our stomachs…and soon enough, while watching a HABS game. It is thanks to them and all our sponsors that we have the opportunity to play our favorite sport with all these terrific amenities.

Post game fun !!!

That said, we are proud to welcome a new sponsor that many of us already know. Pub McCarold's is located not far from the arena and will be sponsoring a  new team who's name is filled with history. The SHAMROCKS are officially resurfacing in Montreal after a 100 year absence and they will proudly wear colors worthy of the great outdoors.

The VIPERS is another of our new teams that for now as no sponsors but with its vibrant new look is sure to find one in the near future.. One of our returning teams, LA CABANE has recently changed their name. From now on, THE LOGGERS will succeed the Express; a team who had carved out a spot in our first final this past April but were not able to hoist the Cup to the heavens. Their orginal team name was never a hit with the management.


To sum this up , I remind you that hockey officially starts next Saturday the 13th of September. We'll take a couple of group photos and if time allows, headshots of our new recruits (bring a black t-shirt). As for the after game feasts, please always let me know before 2 pm on Saturday's so that I can make the necessary reservations. For those who can help out in any way with the league, please let me know. Thank you in advance for everyones contribution to an incredible 2014-2015 season.

Let’s make this a season to remember!