While sipping a last one...

                                              Apparently horses like beer too ! Why not ?

                                              Apparently horses like beer too ! Why not ?

Finally, my digital mishap (“digital"as in related to fingers, not technology) will have kept me out of the game for only nine days or 2 games, to my great delight !!! While it is far from being healed, with a bit of tape, extra padding and adding a customized protective"cap" on my glove, I am “back in business" almost as if nothing had happened ... I must say I have never "had hands," so a messed up a finger doesn’t change much ....

More seriously, we were treated to a beautiful Saturday, despite numerous cancellations, including several at the last minute that made the president work a little more than he would have liked. Once again, thanks to an ever increasing bank of spares, he was able to fill our line-ups successfully. So thank you to all the subs. It's always fun to have a good bunch of guys who want to play good clean hockey!

What about the performance of Jeff Southern «subbing» for the Czechers with 3 goals and 3 assists! Wow !!! As for regular players one could not ignore the comeback after his suspension of Remy Babin, captain of the Vipers who celebrated with a hat trick and an assist ... Bravo!

And the other suspended guy in this story: Benoît DesRoches of the Czechers also collected 4 points with 2 goals 2 assists, ... Funny coincidence, or maybe the guys were just plain «hungry» to say the least!!!

Obviously, the result of the games never please everyone, but what I appreciated is that even in defeat, (2 of the 3 matches were more or less "blow outs") the boys kept their cool, except towards the end of the evening when some Tomahawks let out some frustration with the refereeing but with no consequences other than a little harmless whining, albeit somewhat unsightly ... In short, I do not think the referee was a key factor in the outcome of any of the games, as is usually the case.

In this regard, there has been talk of having two referees next season, which would cause a slight increase in the annual registration fee of about $ 50 per player, which costs less than $ 2 per player per game if I am not mistaken. It seems to me that this would not be a luxury, because it must not be easy to see everything all the time, and this 3 games in a row ... Anyway, it's not decided yet…

We ended up at McCarold's watching the end of the Canadians game against Pittsburgh ... It was a great game, even though we lost in overtime. Once again I came to realize that the evening always seems to end up a little earlier when I play at 15:30 ... Go figure !!!

No game next week! Too Bad!

Maybe I'll see you at Pub St-Paul Wednesday?!?

Cheers !