«In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit»......(photo Bruno Petrozza)

After a week off and back at it yesterday for the first time this season, we had three straight solid games including the spectacular Loggers comeback to end the evening.

Unfortunately, I do not have the chance to sit down and watch all the games for obvious reasons but what I saw and the comments I received afterwards were unanimous, three good games and even the losing teams had fun playing tightly contested battles. It should be noted that there were few regulars missing yesterday so we could see the teams as they are for the most-part as most substitutes resembled the missing players. With the standings getting tight and with just three points separating the first and last place teams, including three squads tied at the back of the pack, the parity is beginning to eliminate the skeptics. There was a lot of work, evaluation, talks and shuffling to get to this point, but if everyone plays to their ability, we should witness a good race to finish of the season where we will crown the champions. All the more reason to arrive early for your games or stay later to encourage your fellow league mates even if it is not always in your nature or your habits, it brings only good to our Saturday get togethers !

Czechers members in front of the lenz making funny faces....(photo by Michael Wees)


Yesterday was also time for the team pictures which will be available in a couple weeks on the site to answer your questions, and a special thanks to a longtime friend, Bruno Petrozza who kindly took time to pop over and take them. This task among many others has helped me see the different cocktails that we have made in bringing all these characters under one banner. The vibe of each team is different  when I walk from one changing room to another, but it was when I was able to see you all side by side that I could see the chemistry that lives in each team. I will say no more but when you look in the "headlights" of someone face, it often says more than words. Add to that body language and you needn't ask more.


The time off that we just had last week, allowed me to sign agreements with two new sponsors, reason why once again I had to change our Facebook header, situation that has happened a few times over the last couple months. It is not the picture that changes but the sponsors' logos that are added for those always wondering what's new about it. That being said we are happy to count among our ranks, the Tokyo bar, located across the street from the league offices which will respond well to the needs of the "clubbers" among you, and which has one of the most beautiful terraces in the city; I know as I see it buzzing from my window. What I appreciated most when we reached our agreement  was one simple phrase : "thanks for getting us on board", which tells me they liked what they saw and they consider that the LFA is a league of choice with which to associate.


The other new one is RTP Sports Therapy located two steps from the Notre-Dame College Arena. To have a sports therapy centre in our ranks was on my list since the beginning of this adventure, I know many of you will be happy to know that it is  now a reality. I suggest you visit our PARTNERS section under the SPONSORS tab of the website to learn more about them or directly on their Facebook page. You will see that not only do they offer emergency services to respond to new cases quickly, but they also offer a 25% discount to all LFA members upon presentation of your LFA keychain, a passport saving you time & money.

A little reminder that you just have to send your bids to the league via our email for the Habs paintings signed by Jacob Poliquin, the unparalleled defender that plays for the Vipers in the LFA, who which in turn, is changing the conventions in the world of amateur sport in Quebec.