Maurice Richard by jacob poliquin

In a burst of generosity and wanting to get involved and make things happen, Jacob Poliquin, the Director of Communication,  suggested organizing a silent auction with some of his works, Carey Price, PK Subban, Max Pacioretty and the great Maurice Richard. Offering 50% of the proceeds from the sale of his most recent paintings to the LFA to help fund a variety of expenditures (new all-star team jerseys, tournaments and special events), he understands, in his way, the importance of getting involved and participate in the happiness of everyone. The painting of the Habs guard dog is 48"x48" and was signed by Mr.Price in the fall of 2014 and surely has grown in value with the emerging career of the CH's keeper. Those of PK and Max at 40"x40"  will probably also be signed by the end of the year. The Patrick Kane painting is also 48"x48". Visit to obtain more details abouts the paintings and their price.

Carey, PK and Max by Jacob Poliquin

Patrick Kane #88

The title is misleading because many artists roam the ice of the LFA, but I wanted to highlight the importance of Jacob's gesture in this pivotal year to establish our league among the best adult hockey leagues in Quebec. Creating our own identity and raising the standards of what can be expected of an amateur sports league, we take nothing for granted and work every day to refine our product and the hockey experience for our members.

Who will have the chance to hang the work of this young artist who portrays the image of future members of the NHL Hall of Fame and the great man that was Maurice Richard? We await your offers!