where you fall during the trades is sometimes a question of luck, some have more than others


We were there not so long ago, yet on Saturday after the exchange, the field day to see what the guys thought. You understand that it is difficult or impossible to make everyone happy, and the LFA is no exception. It is still fascinating to see how people are afraid of the unknown, uncertainty and more change. This is perfectly normal and it is one of the few points that everyone agrees on but it is still strange that attachment to a team after only a month and a half of activity and the idea that we should do nothing and let the teams manage themselves.As I mentioned in the LFA board this week for those who follow what happens in the league, I do not necessarily think the changes settle everything, but nevertheless it is a step in the right direction until our next and final revision of teams in late November.



the czechers and shamrocks getting ready for the shoot out, a new Instalment in the lfa this season (photo jfd)

As for what happened on the ice, we were treated to the Vipers first victory of the season against the Avengers who came from behind but could complete the comeback. For one of the rare times this season the Courval Vipers were not outclassed and had a courtesy tour by Jonathan Mutch who came to encourage his team as he could not take part in the game due to injury. The next game between the Czechers and Shamrocks ended up tied after the Czechers cameback in the final third of the fight which set the table for our third shootout of the season. Always an exciting moment at which all the players of the next game flock along the boards to see the show as if to put a cherry on the sunday for the Czechers. The Czechers got the victory leaving a bitter taste in the  McCarol Shamrocks goaltender's mouth yet had nothing to be blamed for as he saved the day for his team throughout the game.

Members and friends of the lfa At pub st-paul october 15th for the habs home opener (photo jfd)


Regarding the third meeting between the Tomahawks and Loggers, the score did not indicate the actual power of the Loggers as they were missing their two big players, and so could not compete with the "mighty red machine" as they, all like Canadians, remain undefeated this season. All in all, after yesterday’s games we can be satisfied for now with the changes made with the realignment of troops. This feeling is probably not shared by all but like I said at the beginning, it's not easy to make everyone happy.

The evening we reshuffled the league, we also had the federal elections and I want to emphasize the election of one of our own, a former regular who still remains a full member of the League Federal des As. A quality man, straightforward and with integrity David Lametti elected under the Liberal banner will represent us well. Whether you are left or right or simply apolitical if all politicians could be like him, we would be in good hands.

To conclude this overview of activities around of the league, I want to emphasize the initiative of the Avengers captain, Sébastien Renault who at the break of October (which we missed a hockey weekend) organized a party at the sponsor of their team, the St. Paul pub in Old Montreal, located on the street of the same name for the first home game CH. This event where members of each team participated was quite funny and we had a very good match. I hope other teams mimic them and organize events of all kinds with our partners who are critical to the sustainability of our league. But more than that, it's events that help us get to know each other to ensure healthy competition on the ice and a great atmosphere around the league.

Have a good week!