After several months of preparation, we are starting our official fundraising campaign for our Winter Classic for the benefit of the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation. The game will take place January 16 in Verdun on the Canadiens’ outdoor rink.  The campaign is twofold: The first is to sell tickets for a painting by Jacob Poliquin, who has worn many different hats in our organization and has generously offered his painting of Carey Price, autographed by the Canadiens goalie, that you can see to the right of this text.

The second aspect is selling tickets for the event and to encourage fundraising for the foundation. The tickets will allow people to attend the match but also a chance to win one of four prizes including another painting by Jacob of Jean Béliveau and a stick autographed by the 2015-16 Canadiens. The launch of this project is a colossal undertaking, and the Ligue fédérale des As hopes members, friends and acquaintances will participate in great numbers in this unparalleled event, which underlines the unique experience the league offers members while contributing to our society.


I don’t usually go with two headlines, but my experience filling in for the first time with the Acapulco Tomahawks was an experience I just had to share. As league organizer, I get to slide into the rooms here and there to take the pulse of the team, but it’s only when I play with them that I get a real sense of of what’s going on. I won’t share what is said in their dressing room (as everyone knows, what’s said in the room stays in the room) but let’s just say you see a strong concentration by the leader of the team and the reason for their success is less to do with the talent they’ve assembled but the synergy and hard work of the group. It leaped to my eyes yesterday when their goaltender could not complete the game for medical reasons and I stepped in. Without the time to get undressed and put on goalie gear, I grabbed the glove, cookie and stick and took to the net -- a position I haven’t played in several years. Everyone anticipated a Tomahawks defeat with half the game still to play, but the team once again showed their resilience and dominance by controlling the play and leaving few opportunities for the other team to even touch the puck. For the McCarold’s Shamrocks, it was a tricky situation. They didn’t want to hurt me (since I wasn’t properly equipped for goal) so they were passing when normally you’d take a shot. Even if they couldn’t shoot how they might have liked, they nevertheless had few chances because of the hard work of the Red Machine. With our November break, the selection committee will have to weigh in on their case and other teams having a hard time to finally find some balance in our league.

To wrap up, on behalf of the LFA, I want to offer our condolences to our French members along with their friends and family who were affected once again by human depravity and hatred Friday night. What can we do to eliminate it? I DON’T KNOW.

We are on a break this weekend. See you in two weeks.