There’s a headline to avoid stepping on toes, to pass unnoticed, to avoid causing offense to sensitive hearts. It’s a way for me to get in line, to avoid making waves, to not share my opinions but to fade into the background in this increasingly generic society where we ask people to use their wallets instead of their brains.

To continue with the theme of blending into the wallpaper, instead of commenting on the league and everything that orbits around it, I will instead invite you to check out the scoreboard to find out who won this week. But I won’t leave you hanging.Here are some comment on each of the candidates for player of the month for October in the LFA, which was won by Alexandre Paré of the Acapulco Thomahwaks. If there are typos and spelling mistakes from here on, don’t look at me. I’m just cutting and pasting the comments…

Name : Pat Borremoe
Team : Shamrocks
Comment: A player with fine hands who dominates every time we play him. On top of that, he’s a great dad and dominates in the quality of lunch he offers his kids. It’s important.

Name: Jean-Phillippe Harvey
Team : Avengers
Comment: Jean-Philippe Harvey had a slow start to the month of October with a goal and an assist in two games. Unsatisfied with his performances, he promised he would rebound against the Tomahawks on October 31 and that’s exactly what he did, with a five-goal performance that allowed us to inflict the first defeat on the Tomahawks by a score of 9-4. J-P kept a positive attitude even when we were losing our first games of the month.

Name: Ryan bergen
Team: Loggers
Comment: The player of the month for the Loggers is Ryan Bergen who, despite our poor performances in recent games, has maintained a high level of involvement, hard work, and good team spirit.

Name: Phil Cyr
Team: Vipers
Commentaire: Despite his serious injury -- a broken collarbone -- he had a smile on his face after our victory A happy go lucky kind of guy, the kind of guy we like having around in the league.

Name: Jacob Poliquin
Team: Czechers
Comment: A leader who takes seriously his role as captain and director of communications for the league who has given much without ever seeking payback. He’s an exemplary member of the league who is a dominant setup man who never misses a league event. He’s got LFA tattooed on his heart!

Name: Alexandre Paré
Team: Tomahawks
Commentaire: Alex has a 14 points already, what a great surprise! He’s playing some grand hockey, he goes in front of the net, does a great job killing penalties, blocking shots, and he’s great in the room. A great team player and one of the most important contributors to our early season success.

Bonne semaine