lfa members and friends took over la brasserie saint-denis to quick start the evening (photo JFD)

After three tightly fought games that brought the first part of the season to a close, friends and family of the LFA gathered to bid farewell to 2015 in style. More than sixty people met, first, within the plush confines of the Brasserie Saint-Denis to eat, drink and be merry. Everyone circulated from table to table, spicing up the conversation as they went, creating a festive vibe. Then it was off to Bily Kun, where the night once again opened its bag of surprises, as other members of the league and their friends joined the party. With the sound of last call, we scattered into the shadows of the night, writing stories to the rhythm of our steps, continuing on a voyage whose only horizon is the limits of our imagination.

This chapter of our lives, written as it is in the depths of my soul, illustrates the richness that comes with membership in our league. The ties of friendship that unite us, and those we develop over the course of the season, allow us to enjoy more fully our weekly meetings. And so grows the LFA family. 

It is, therefore, far from the icy arena air, amid the sparkle of year’s end, that I wish us the best for the coming year; that we may realize our full potential not only as hockey players, but as human beings as well. May we find our voice through the meandering paths of life, may our happiness shine, and may we know how to share this happiness while living the lives we want, and not ones forced upon us.

Don’t forget to vote for the player-of-the-month, and to do your best to make a reality of our Winter Classic dream. Enjoy the best of what life has to offer between now and when the league resumes play on January 9.