Even if he could not play, Sebastien mainville still came out to chear the boys on, and coached them to victory a couple week's back (photo JFD)

After Alexandre Paré last month whos been having a great and surprising season with us this year, it was the turn of Mr. Sebastien "smily-face" Mainville to be voted the player of the month in the LFA. As is customary every month, we had candidates who deserved their nomination such as Nick "the machine" Chagnon that despite serious discomfort during a game stayed in it as long as he could - the love of the taste of "puck" and competition fueling him on. Without taking anything from the other candidates, you will understand by what follows why so many of our members have voted for Seb, a nice guy who has the LFA tattooed on his heart and which strongly contributes to its success and to maintain a great atmosphere everywhere he goes. For my part, I am happy that he plays with us and it is part of our lives, this is a good guy to have in the gang and I'm glad the guys recognize the contribution that exceeds his prowess on the ice. A hard working player that unlike some continues to improve and without a long hockey track record behind him, understands what being part of a team and a league that wants to be a nice big family means. Here are some comments that came with the votes to elect "mister happy", our player of November.

"He embodies what this leaque is about!"

"Mon coeur de capitaine me disait de voter pour Pat, mon coéquipier mais ma raison me dit de voter pour Séb puisqu'il s'implique au niveau de la ligue, entre autres pour les stats, pour l'annonceur maison (la finale l'été passé) et c'est un joueur qui donne son 110% sur la glace."

"He had a baby and didn't even miss a game. C'mmmon!"

"Un des joueurs les plus impliqués physiquement et mentalement dans l'amélioration de ses aptitudes de hockeyeur, et peut-être le meilleur esprit sportif de la ligue. Toujours souriant et disponible pour les autres, batailleur sans être salaud, intense mais amical, c'est un joueur qui fait oublier de plus en plus le fait qu'il ne joue pas au hockey organisé depuis bien longtemps. Un adversaire sur la glace et un ami en dehors de la glace."

"Il se démarquait déjà en début de saison par son attitude positive et énergique dans la chambre."

"En cette saison 2015-2016 bien entamée, il démontre l'étendue de ses habilités en greffant à ses qualités de coéquipier exemplaire, un apport inattendu de buts."

"Décidément les Shamrocks viennent de se trouver un autre leader pour les guider vers les grands honneurs d'après-saison, là où ça compte."

Sebastien Renault's first game in nets in the LFA during Saturday's victory against the Czechers (Photo Frank Reda)

To complete this beautiful page of our history, I must highlight the prowess of the Sebastien Renault, captain of the Avengers, who jumped in and replaced their goalkeeper who was injured a few hours before their game. Unable to get an available substitute goalkeeper to come and play, and even if we could have asked another goalie from one of the earlier games, Sebastien decided to put on the goalkeeper equipment and try his luck in the LFA. With its vintage look, it reminded me of the good old days when the goalies did not all "goal" the same way. I miss the time when the arrival of each team in Montreal brought with it a new goalie with his own style of play, the show was much better than what we see today and far more interesting. It is certain that the gatekeepers and players of today are superior to their predecessors, but at what price? But that is another debate that we can have on another post-game get together like this past week which was a good one with nearly a third of the league or so and many bursts of laughter, that if I remember well, are good for you.

Have a good week, hope to see you for the Habs game at St. Paul pub on Wednesday for the Habs game  against the Bruins !