Somewhere in hockey land....

Global warming or not, we have had an incredibly beautiful winter for those of us who like to move. Unfortunately, for now, I can not enjoy it because of my knee but for those who have the time and take it, outdoor ice is waiting for you to tweak your technique for our games and enjoy the fresh air. "Winter classics" where impromptu meetings between other passionate fans of our national sport take place. For sure, when playing 12 against 14, it can be boring, especially when there are a couple of Lafleurs on each team and we don't know who to pass to, but there are also those moments of grace like in the movie "Field of Dreams " but a winter version where the right number of players of the same level ignite the ice for hours, as if time stopped. Let it be known that the LFA and the Hockey Brotherhood Association are working on the possibility to recreate these magical moments lived on outdoor ice, bringing the boy inside of you out for a spin.


Until that fateful moment when we can put our stamp on a "Winter Classic" of our own, we are constantly working to develop a micro-cosmos of amateur hockey with a professional twist by either creating products, associations or events to enhance the experience of our members. We are pleased to announce a new partnership with SHOTBLOCKERS as we will be the only place where you can get this innovative product in Quebec! We invite you to visit our Sponsors section for further details as we'll soon have their product in stock.


Strange how life is sometimes. Just look at how last week was the first instance in our history where we saw a father and son duo,  on our ice. We've had to wait only a week to see the phenomenon occur again. In fact, the sponsor of the Pub St-Paul Avengers, Alain Ouellette came with his son Raphael and they gave the team a hand by scoring a goal each in a hard fought victory against the Bily Kun Czechers. When will we see a father and daughter tandem in our league ?


As for some of the other games of the day, they ended with respectable scores of 5-2 and 6-4 in favour of the Red Horizon's Tomahawks and McCarold's Shamrocks. The general atmosphere under the roof of the arena was pretty quiet, like a a day after getting shit faced as if everyone had forgotten to take their coffee, juice or tea .... I can imagine that other people may not have made this observation but these are the things you see when you spend over 7 hours every Saturday watching you guys play. This was not necessarily  felt on the ice but could be felt in the stands as usual crowds especially in the second and third games of the evening were rather quiet despite some fans coming to encourage their men and friends. What do you want, it can not be "full throttle" every weekend, otherwise we would not appreciate the magical moments offered up by the Brotherhood during our Saturday meetings spanning the last 15 years.