Fun fun in the sun.........not so for the snow birds in February

We ended Saturday, the coldest month in history with two hotly contested matches, including a duel for second place which saw the Vipers climb back to once again hold the second place honours with the Shamrocks one point back from the Tomahawks who have been on top for the last couple weeks.The Toms lost their battle to the Avengers yesterday who seemed to have regained their confidence after last weeks meltdown. With that win the Avs approach the Loggers who occupy fourth place and are mathematically capable --like all teams for that matter -- to win top honors as they are five-points back with three games to play in the regular season. The most exciting match of the day was the draw between the Loggers and Czechers, although both sides said after the game they played badly, from the stands the intensity level was peaking and made for a very entertaining game to watch. I must mention a strong performance from the goaltenders who will need to be sharp in the series, if their teams want to have a chance to make it to the big game on May 3rd.

In an ongoing effort to offer its members the best hockey experience on and off the ice, the LFA,  launched a survey among its regular and substitute members to help the LFA's administration in its efforts to reach the zenith of world sports organizations, nothing less. We approach the amateur sport professionally to create this universe between dream and reality where anything goes, and that is why since our creation we continue to improve our product. This survey is one of the tools that we will use and we encourage everyone to fill it out by March 7th to help us build a league that ressembles you. Here is the link and please be sure to fill out the survey, which is adressed to you (regulars or substitutes).

An example of the many improvements we are talking about is the creation of new team logos that will be unveiled this week and that will facilitate the dressing room situation, once at the arena, and will create, we hope, a stonger sense of belonging amongst our members. Creative work started  between Jacob Poliquin and the president of the league several months ago, with the vice-president of hockey operations looking on not far behind. We hope to see you all there on Wednesday to celebrate with us this new milestone in the history of our adult hockey league, which has no equal in Quebec!

Another facet of our undisputed difference compared to other leagues who all have their merit, yes, but who do not seem to want to innovate, is the way in which we reward our members and certainly their families and friends (s) when they participate in our various events. As part of the LFA player of the month powered by Sher-Wood award, we invite you, players like supporters alike to vote for the player who you think came out on top of the pack in the last months without dwelling only on statistics, because the accumulation of points is not the only way to contribute to the success of a team. Choose one of our candidates by following this link and make your voice heard.

Winning number of the 50/50 for February 2015


Here is the winning number of the 50/50 draw for February, we hope that more of you participate next month because it was the most meager one of our history. The gift card courtesy of Solomax Projects which was one of three awards in January has not been claimed, so it will be added as a second prize for the March draw.

Have a good week and we hope to see you Wednesday !!!!!