regular season championship game, sunday 6h30pm at notre-dame college arena (montage totem urbain)

Like in a good script, we will have to wait until the last regular-season weekend to crown the champions and winner of the Tremblay trophy. Luck has it, the only two teams who can win it are scheduled to face off next Sunday at 6:30 to see who the regular season champ will be. After an inaugural season where all teams were not necesarelly balanced, we can say mission accomplished in our second year, whereby five teams were still battling for the grand honors yesterday.

Honestly, our level of play being what it is, compared to the often boring style of play shown in the pros,  though quite dissimilar, is often more interesting to watch than NHL games due to the unexpected turnovers, spectacular comebacks and our unbridled style of games which allows players to be creatif as we don't have systems in place. You never known what you are in for. The passion with which we play is often beyond that of the pros where many of their players see their role as a chore, especially for some of those who play for teams with no chance to lift the cup. And since NHL players talk about "beeing part of the business", now a days, it shows above all, a lost of sense of honor and loyalty to organizations which shows  how greedy players have becomed, which unfortunately reflects the times in which we live.

Who, out of the Tomahawks and Shamrocks will seize the moment and see their names engraved on the Tremblay trophy which will be  presented to the big winners next Wednesday, March 25 during a 5 to 7+ and I remind you that ALL  MEMBERS OF THE  LFA ARE INVITED. The event, which is the last of the season before the grand finale on May 3rd, it will be the last chance to bring us all together around our league's iconic trophy who will grace us with her refreshing elixir. The crowning of the champions will take place at our new Scoreboard Sponsor , the MIDWAY, which has been open since 1927 but was recently renovated; it is a legendary institution, and an icon of Montreal red light district. Located at the corner of St. Catherine and St. Lawrence, the tavern has seen several pages of Montréal's history unfold before her eyes and she will hopefully witness another great events where I hope to see you all, for the good of our league and your team.

Have a good week and remember that our next games will take place, next Sunday as of 6h30PM.