Hockey, like life, unites people from everywhere who share the same passion, whether as player or spectator. Some are more talented, generous, hard-working or more vocal than others, but everyone shares a desire to win. Have you ever played like it might be your last time on the ice? The experience brings with it the desire to live in the moment, and a certain dismay with the clock that erases time in spite of us.

We should cultivate this feeling in our games in order to maximize
what it has to offer and to be awake to the fact that; time is slipping through our fingers. Sometime, we are deep in the action without living the moment, going through the physical play without being conscious of our entire being. By being more grounded, we could have fun while also evolving as human beings and being much more present in the moment, recognizing how lucky we are to be together, playing like kids.

This can seem esoteric to some, but I have been playing hockey since as far as I can remember and having spent this past season in the stands apart from having played a handful of games, get's you thinking. Will I play again and for how much longer? We are not eternal and our bodies even less, enjoy it while it last because you may not see the end coming, if end there is at any age.

Perhaps it's idealistic to think hockey players could alter their approach to the game in such a fundamental way, but I throw the idea out there anyway because we must all be aware of risk in the game we play. Bad luck can strike at any moment, even in the midst of the perfect game. Two bodies can collide and leave one of them writhing on the ice as easily in the last minute of a championship game as in a game of shinny on a lake far from the eyes of fans, sometime, with consequences like a serious injury that can take months to heal and leave behind scars.

That's not the only thing that could lead you to play your last game, but if you are more aware on the ice you will certainly appreciate your experience and the company of your teammates (because, after all, the benefits from hockey don't all come from what happens on the ice.)

Whether in hockey or in life, it's up to us to raise our consciousness to be more aware of what's going on in our heads, as well as the reality around us, while having fun, to be sure!

With the series on our doorstep, here's a good time of the season to play as if it was your last game, because it might be for many reasons other than an injury. Leave everything on the ice, in the locker room and on the bench so you can leave the arena without remorse and with the conviction that you have remained faithful to the dreams of the kid inside of you. No regrets !

The tremblay trophy, an exclusive design by totem urbain for the lfa and rj breweries.

Yesterday was our last weekend of the regular season, I would like to congratulate the Tomahawks from Rouge Horizon that for a second consecutive year won the TREMBLAY trophy as champions of the 2014-2015 regular season of the LFA. What else to say, they played well and fully deserved the title.

It was not a easy Sunday because the referee who had to work our games got injured the night before and I found out in the early morning. My morning was then spent calling left and right to find a ref which I finally did after a few hours on the phone. Without counting the players who woke up with all kinds of problems forcing me to find last minute substitutes. Aaah the joys of organizing  professionally  an amateur sports league. "Keep your day job!" And by this, I just want to underline the reality of any organizer involved in amateur sports.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday for the crowning of our champions who will receive the TREMBLAY trophy, event that will be held at the MIDWAY on the corner of Ste-Cat and the Main from 5pm until whenever on Thursday ;) As usual I will have door prizes including a stick signed by Max Talbot courtesy of Joe Villacrusis of the Czechers.

I wish you all good luck in the playoffs,  while keeping in mind that we are here to have fun together before everything and that your opponent this season might be your teammate next year, so "be cool, play hard and have fun! "