Who will have the honour to lift the lfa cup this year ?

We’re off, and with the first round of our "Round Robin" games under our blades, we had three good, hotly contested games even if the score of the first game could make us believe otherwise (see Midway Scoreboard). In that game, the Cabane Loggers continued their collective game style where everyone contributes, moreover, even when they have replacements they seem to integrate them well as pucks travel from one stick to another much like the red army in their heyday. I'm exagerating a little, but they have a nice chemistry on and off the ice if I base myself on the laughter emanating from their room. The Red Horizon Tomahawks were overwelmed at the insistence of the attack of the men in black and will have to re-group because they remain the team to beat having won the championship of the regular season, so other teams will not take them lightly. That said, their goalie Nicholas Chagnon had a strong performance in the defeat but their attack could not break through the Great Wall of China that stood in front of the Loggers goalie who also played like a demon in holy water in front of his net.

The image that comes to mind when thinking about the second game is that of a 25 sents  rotating on itself. That meeting, won by Bily Kun Czechers, facing the Pub St. Paul Avengers could have gone either way. The match was decided at the very end of the meeting leaving a disappointed team for letting the game slip away and another relieved to start the series with a win.

The game of the night was undoubtedly that between the Shamrocks and the Vipers for the lucky one who came or stayed to see it. The match despite several key saves by the "green machine" goalie, Pat Bouchard early in the game, started badly lettingh the Vipers take a comfortable 4 to 1 lead at the start of the second having scored three goals in the first with a response at end of the period from their opponents. After getting blown away last week, few would have predicted the comeback we were going to witness from the Shamrocks, possibly inspired by "the crowd" having come together to encourage the Shams composed of 50% subs managed the unthinkable and went up the slope and "closed the deal" at the very end of the game. In hockey more than in any other sport, momentum carries a disconcerting strength and hard to reverse. Hopefully the Vipers will forget  this setback and will continue the road to the cup with confidence because a game is not a series, and this applies to everyone.

We get back to it next week starting at 2:00 pm, an unusual time that will allow us to meet for the Post Game for the start of the Habs  game on the tube. Enjoy it while you can, the season is coming to an end.

The Ligue Fédérale des As is not really like other adult hockey league, and that's not me telling you, this is a comment that I receive year-round when people visit our website or when replacements have the chance to come live the best hockey experience around that we try to offer every week. Several off-ice event and bonuses are offered to our members such as the crowning of the regular season champions, which took place last Wednesday, and we are proud of the participation of many of our members in these events. Last season having put together our first grand final to benefit the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation, we are at it again this season with our championship match to be held on Sunday May 3 and this time, to support the SLAP Sun Youth hockey program that helps less fourtunate children to give them the chance to play and to integrate into our culture.

The desire of the LFA and the Hockey Brotherhood Association that created it is not only to provide well-organized hockey with a range of benefits for its members, but to become an important platform to support a variety of social programs throughout our community. We hope that this view of life where we can all have fun playing a sport while contributing to the society in which we live, will spread throughout our membership, and that over time we can create together an engine of change in our world where every person has their share. Sharing, is so simple if we want to have a healthy society where everyone has his place and feels part of the big picture.

I remind you that you have until midnight on Friday to vote for the LFA player of the month powered by Sher-Wood and do not forget to consult the LFA bulletin boards before your matches Friday, if you do not want to miss the boat. Lots of relevant information is available to you to make the most of your season and hockey experience on and off the ice while contributing to the proper functioning of the league. 

JFD (As translated by Mat Perris)