LFA's new team logos.

Like Valery our Russian netminder at the time of the SatNite Hockey Brotherhood (original name of our crew) --that strangely had learned to keep goals here, but moved nonetheless like a Soviet goalie-- wondered one evening while sitting at the table amongst his ice brothers during one of our hockey get together, "why marijuana?" So, you may be wondering yourself, "why Logotomie 2 ?" I therefore refer you to an article published on our home page on 03/17/2014 titled Logotomie which explained the trials and errors in the creation of the final version of the LFA logo that took seven months to finalize, if I remember correctly. At the time of the SatNite Hockey Bro, our meetings on Saturday were dictated by the climate because we played in the last semi-outdoor arena in Montreal, so in general we had to wait until november for the ambient air to be cold enough to start the season. Season is a big word because given the volatility of the facilities, everyone was free to go as he pleased, so to make sure that we had enough players for our games, I would spend a crazy amount of time on the phones from Thursday leading up to our saturday get together. At this point in our history, before the internet moved into our lives, I had no idea hockey was going to occupy so much space in mine, even less, that I would be afflicted by logotomie .

The old LCC barn where the Satnite hockey Brotherhood first played (photo Michael Wees)

Even more than hockey, as I hardly play anymore due to injuries, is the creation required in the LFA in all its aspects that motivates me to continue to get involved in this innovative hockey league project. Through all the functions that I have in the league, the creation of logos and all, the graphic art is what I find the most fun. Having worked since the start of the league with different people in the graphic department of the LFA, Jacob Poliquin (from the Vipers) in early december suggested creating logos for our teams who had already been baptized. This was part of the league objectives without being an emergency, but seeing the enthusiasm and the first sketches of big J, I followed suit and we set to brainstorm. As you can see, as well as for creating the logo of our league, several ideas have been put forward to come up with our final logos. Imagined what we could create, if everyone contributed to the league in its way by sharing his or her talents, logos being only one part of the puzzle to propel the LFA into the zenith of international sports leagues. As one of our cultural ambassadors once said, "think big stie"(ref/Elvis Gratton)

Ryan Bergen, February's LFA player of the month (photo montage - Totem Urbain)


Regarding the championship race with two games per team  still left to play, five of our six formations can hope for top honors with four points separating the fifth from first place. Yesterday saw the teams at the bottom of the ranking win their games and both teams in second place stay put. The administration of the league is happy to have put on the ice this season, balanced formations thus creating parity in the LFA as the ranking shows. The two next weekend should witnessed huge games, not to miss!

On a final note, I want to congratulate Ryan Bergen from the Cabane LOGGERS who was voted LFA player of the month and who has shown, since his arrival in the league, a lot of skills, abilities and most importantly for a league like ours, fair play. This is probably why many players have voted in such large numbers for him. For those of you who don't know your way around the site yet, I invited you to visit the MISCELLANEOUS section under the LFA PHOTO tab every month to see the best photos as captured by our photographers that highlight different moments of your LFA hockey career.

Take care