Our grand finale, may 3rd at 6PM at Notre-Dame college arena (image by MHD design)

Some had predicted, others doubted it, but it is finally confirmed, the Cabane Loggers and the Rouge Horizon Tomahawks will meet for a second consecutive year in the championship game that will take place Sunday, May 3rd at 6:00 pm at the College Notre Dame arena. Although the Loggers changed their name this season, they remain proud ambassadors of one of our favorite places for the post game get togethers, La Cabane located on Main.

Jean-Charles Lajoie last monday during his sport tribune talking about our league and the cause we are supporting

I will not analyzes the teams who will compete because I have to put all my efforts into preparing for next weekends final. Once I get through the final, I will give you a recapitualtion of the 2014-2015 season which was great judging the convos in the changing rooms and the epic clashes yesterday where four of our six clubs still had a chance of making the final is a great example. We had to wait to the last game of the season to see who would eventually carve out a place for themselves in the ultimate confrontation. It is shaping up to be quite a game as both teams have been resilient to adversity at different times in the series. Hopefully it will be an intense but clean game fitting with the image of our league. Let’s also hope that a final push will be made by all members of the LFA to sell tickets for our grand finale to benefit Sun Youth. Tickets sales are not great as per the numbers I put together after talking to all of you. Please lift up your sleeves and help the Ligue Fédérale des As become a major force in our community and support a cause that affects us all. For my part, I pledge to continue to work day and night for the cause and to propel our league to another level. Last Monday I was on the radio waves with Jean-Charles Lajoie at 91.1 FM to promote the final in an effort to make it a huge success and I will find other avenues this coming week.




With the end of the season approaching, I am pleased to announce the first LFA summer season. For the inaugural season, four teams will battle on Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm at the College Notre Dame arena. A new championship cup will be created and the league will continue its work to provide its participants with an unparalleled, optimum hockey experience as compared to conventional "beer" leagues.

The winning numbers of this years last 50/50 draw

To finish up this last text before the final, here is the April 50/50 winning number as picked by Pierre-Luc Goudreault and Patrice Vichier after yesterdays meetings. The best pictures of April will be on-line shortly.

Have a good week and tell all your friends and family about our final and help support a great cause so that we can finish our season with a blast as modern day knights!