On this day that appears to be the beginning of the fall after our first games of the season, it is difficult to draw a conclusion on the new teams given the high number of substitutes as well as the players who yesterday played in their first game since the spring. Although some things were blatantly obvious, we will wait for all the teams to play each other once before making changes.

The LFA, which offers unparalleled package to its players when compared to what is done elsewhere began its third season with several new features that will once again optimize the hockey experience for its members. I suggest you have a look at the site to see for yourself the innovations and adjustments made during the summer. You can see amongst others things, a new platform for statistics, new sponsors such as, REHABITAT, COURVAL, FÊTE NATIONALE DU QUEBEC AND LUMILUXLOFT who as been behind the project from the beginning but now appears on our site. Also this year our members will be covered by a national hockey insuranc for which some details still need to be finalized. Also the certification of the LFA by Hockey Canada will have the effect that each of our players will now also become members of one of the most famous organization on the hockey planet. Thanks to the initiative of Ryan Bergen and Sebastien Mainville, respectively playing with the Loggers and the Shamrocks, the league now has a TWITTER account that you can access via the icon on the top right of our website. Like our Facebook page, our You Tube account and others, the administration of the LFA encourages you to share with your contacts what is the best amateur sports leagues in Quebec. It is thanks to your support and that of your friends and family that the league can hope to grow within the community so we can do our part while having fun. Succeeding in changing the world is not reserved for the elite, people from all walks of life can also establish a new way of of doing things and bring a breath of fresh air into the world. You got to keep an open mind and you must not be afraid to give a little of yourself. You should try it, it will do you some good while helping out the cause.

wes bolduc from the bily kun czechers during a penaltie shot against an unknown sustitut goalie back in the early days of the league ( archive photo, jeremy lancelin)

The news does not stop there, in fact, this season the LFA will begin a pilot project and  like in the NHL when the game finishes in a tie, we will now have a shootout to determine a winner that will undoubtedly bring excitement, joy and also frustration at the end of certain games. It will significantly increase the excitement of the show, just as another project of which the league is working on but is still too early to unveil. As for the player personel, 15 new players and 4 goalies are entering this season as regular members of the league, all mostly already known to the administration; the third season in the history of the LFA will be the best to date! As demonstrated in the beautiful evening to begin our activities in the 2015-2016 season (omitting the preseason games) last Wednesday during our annual open bar & grill BBQ at the league office. This event, in which most members of the LFA participated as well as some girlfiends who grooved into the mix, is another example of the many benefits of our members that differentiates us from any other leagues.

our third annual open bar & grill bbq held last wednesday at the league's office (photo by joe blow)

As if that was not enough, here is other news that merits your attention, the first and not the least is that Jacob Poliquin was appointed Communications Director of the LFA. His commitment and dedication to the league and its members is undeniable and the position is fully deserved along with Laurent Quesnel, the Director of Hockey Operations and prefect of discipline in the LFA they will support the president in front of the mountain of files he faces every week. If you have a watchful eye, you might have noticed that the sponsors of the Tomahawks, Red Horizon, was replaced by ACAPULCO. You will have more details on this landmark transaction in the near future but the Tomahawks have become the first ice hockey team from Acapulco; opening new possibilities on the hockey planet ;)



To conclude this first flyby of the season and for those who did not follow our activities this summer, be aware that the LFA has reached new heights by introducing its first preseason camp in collaboration with RTP performence that expanded the range of services offered to our members and especially to help optimize their performance on the ice and global experience in our league. During that period took place our first summer league championship final, game that supported the SUN YOUTH FOOD BANK. This game saw the unveiling of our new summer championship cup that was realized again by TOTEM URBAIN with the help of Eric Drapeau (who is playing this season with the Avengers) and Olivier Maranda a friend of the league. And as always myself, your humble servant who dabbles in everything to offer you the best hockey experience around. This new cup that has already seen a change since its initial unveiling at a previously held event prior to the championship game, will again fall under the knife as, in the eyes of the president, it still lacks some pazazzze. Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes she will rise once again some time this season.

let's get together and ensure her future (archieve photo)

The greatest achievement of La Ligue Federale des As since its inception other than the friendships that were born because of it, does not affect the hockey world but our community. We managed to establish a bridge between the Inter-Marché grocery store and Sun Youth and now they will give food to the organization throughout the year. This is certainly what I am most proud of. As I said earlier, changing the world is not reserved for the elite, you can also make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate than you, while having fun. Yes it's possible !

Have a good week, and great season!