Joel spinning off the hits for the pleasure of all, including an intriged Jacob, Les Perreaux's son who often comes to spend the day at the rink with the boys. (photo jfd)

It was the photo on the cover page along with a tribute in the newspaper of the 48-year-old Elite League that Larry and I play in on Thursday nights at the College Notre-Dame arena that inspired this week’s title. After 15 years of existence, the newspaper that goes by the name of (Hors Jeu) for the on-ice infraction has been given a redesign, with new content, and contrary to our own news section boasts several contributors who bring their voice and points of view, of their league and the people and characters who make it up. I also hope that one day in the near future our LFA News will also have more than one point of view and other voices to let you know what’s going on in our league. I dare hope that what we’ve created with the Ligue Fédérale des As has inspired that venerable league to reinvent itself, at least when it comes to their news. found here at

Without contributing to the news department of the LFA, several people still contribute to the league, whether it’s Larry and Jacob who make a major contribution in a variety of jobs or Fern who takes care of stats and the captains and other LFA members who each deliver ideas to refine the experience for all. Sometimes, like Saturday when the referee was late, it’s a little gesture by a guy like Simon who picked up a whistle and threw on some stripes so the game could get underway. We’re fortunate that someone always seems willing to step up to do what needs to be done. The real attention-getter Saturday was Joël, who is still recovering from a motorcycle accident, but showed up with his sound system so we could have the playoff atmosphere for our regular season games. We’re lucky we’ll see him several times during his recovery.

Game between the Tomahawks, still un-beaten this season and the czechers that while missing 4 regular players put up a good fight in a 5 to 3 loosing cause (photo jfd)

Even without playing regularly myself, except to fill in on last-minute vacancies, I know several of you are anxious for our weekly encounters where in the space of a game and of an evening out you can forget your daily routine and exercise the passion that you have been dedicated to since you were young -- hockey. In the room and on the ice, we’re all kids again who are chasing a dream and an ideal that has no expiry date. On a hockey team, there are no bankers, bus drivers or graphic artists, just players who want to live the moment and give their most. It’s a rare season where we love every game but some seasons are special, and despite losses or bad performances we find a way to enjoy ourselves and live life to the maximum, because we are part of a team. There’s no need to be the top team in the league, all that’s required is a good bunch of guys who click and far away from their families become one over a season. If you think about it a moment, you will certainly remember some seasons during your hockey careers where it was just always fun to go to the rink. Why not relive that experience now? You don’t need to be the funniest guy in the room, nor the best strategist, nor the best storyteller. You just have to be there and invest in your team if you want it to become one and to have a great season, win or lose. But as in real life, having a good team where harmonious relations rule doesn’t happen by magic. As with a plant or any other form of life, a little effort and feeding and watering is required. Arriving 30 minutes before game time is a matter of basic respect for teammates. And why not watch the game before yours for a while anyway? You might even learn something that could help you win. Staying in communication with your team also helps create chemistry that can build lasting bonds. It’s your choice! These are just suggestions to make your season an even better trip, even more lively. Some people already look like they have a foot in the grave like they were 101 years old! Shake the lead out!

Do you really want me to talk about Saturday's games, or will you think about how you want to reinvest in your league, your season, your entire path ahead? I’m talking here about life, not just hockey, and I hope you find it food for thought. In any case, the story of each game belongs to each of you, you can consult the scores to the right on our scoreboard, and get a sense of what went on and why not ask the guys who took part in the games what they think was the story of the day. You’ll each have your own point of view on the same story that is the Ligue Fédérale des As and everything that is churning within it.

felix dufour-labrecque seemed to be re-playing the scene in his head after beeing once again stopped by the Shamrocks netminder, patrick bouchard who has injected confidence into his team's play after replacing their regular goalie who got injured after only one game and who will be out for the balance of the season. (photo jfd)

It’s impossible to live completely without regret, but what’s cool about hockey season or baseball season or whatever turns you on is that there’s always a chance for a fresh start, to create something marvelous, to do something exceptional and create something memorable and extraordinary with the new gang. It’s up to you to play and make this season the grandest of your lives. The puck is on your stick!

Cioa 4 now !

PS: Do’t forget to consult to learn the identity of the six player-of-the-month candidates who will be online soon and up for a vote by midnight Friday. Let me remind you that talent isn’t the only benchmark when we’re picking the player of the month. Think about what the player brings to your team on the ice and off. It’s as important as any stat.